Re: Debian Flyer

From: Michael Holzt (
Date: Sat May 25 2002 - 13:58:08 CEST

> You can very well create high quality, graphically enhanced printings
> with The GIMP and LaTeX. All you need to do is a) learn GIMP and b)
> learn LaTeX and graphic capabilities.

Please Joey! This is not to offend you, but you have obviously no clue
what you are talking about. Let me repeat this once again: GIMP IS NOT
A CHOICE FOR PRINT MEDIA. It does not offer CYMK or color management.

Yeah, if you like "somewhat-near-the-color-we-picked"-prints, than go
and do it with gimp. But this is not even close to 'high quality' as
promised above.

> Oh, and for colour separation, dodge that. Create an RGB Postscript
> file, hand it over to a design studio and receive four slides, one for
> each of CMYK. Been there, done that, don't tell me you can't! You
> only need to want it!

Oh yes Joey, sure. Because you have done it once, you know for sure that
it is a good way. Of course.

I work for a company where a half a dozen of workers are not doing
anything other than designing print media all over the day. We produce
high quality commercial products in mass amounts for big customers.

No one of sane mind here would even try to produce prints using RGB tools.
Every professional knows that RGB and CYMK don't offer the same color
range and all sort of shit happens when you convert from RGB to CYMK.

To reuse a citation from you: Been there, seen that, don't tell me it
doesn't happen! You only need to have seen it once for yourself!

Please Joey. I respect you for the many knowledge you have and for all
the good work you do. But please don't talk about things which you
obviously don't really know.

Oh and another point: "Hand it over to a design studio and receive
four slides". And what do you think what kind of software this design
studio uses? Oh let me guess, non free one. I thought you wanted to
avoid that?


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