From: Michael Holzt (
Date: Sat May 25 2002 - 12:36:00 CEST

Here my 2 cents to the flyer discussion:

Although i'm willing to support the usage of linux / free software
whereever possible i would say that it is sometimes better to accept
the work by someone else no matter which software he used when the
alternative is to have nothing.

And i'm readily admitting that there are fields of work where linux is
still definititely not the choice of tool for the work. Creating print
media is one of these. I'm sometimes doing print designs for money too,
and guess what: I'm using Windows with Adobe InDesign for it. Why?

Because the job can't be done in good quality using Linux. Linux doesn't
even have a image manipulation software which is usable for print - Gimp
can't handle CYMK and has no means of a color management. And Linux has
no replacement for something like InDesign or QuarkXPress. Just face it.

Free Software can be used for some decent designs, but i still believe
their is no linux solution today which can offer the flexibility and
features of said software.

And no matter what: The linuxtag is nearing. We can continue to moan
that there is no flyer made with free software and we will likely have no
flyer at all at the linuxtag. Or we can accept the free work made by
someone else. I think we shouldn't forget that even a flyer designed with
non-free software will help the project, while no flyer doesn't help.

And then for the old flyers: Sorry Joey, although i can understand your
concerns, i can not believe that you really want to reuse old flyers
which have major understatements about our project and some very old
information in it. I think this is really good for doing damage to the
project instead of helping it.

I don't think that any sponsor should have a problem with a choice not
to reuse the old flyers. In the commercial world its just totally normal
to toss old flyers, information material etc.. The world keeps changing
and all you can do is to choose the amount of flyers produced appropiately.

I really won't like giving us out old flyers which gives the people
wrong information.

If you really want to reuse those old flyers: Make a extra inlay holding
a correction to the flyer, e.g. in the size of 1/3 A4 - so you can put
three corrections on an piece of A4 paper. If there are 500 flyers left,
this could be done just with a xerox and 160 copies. Cut the corrections
and add one into each old flyer. This could at least correct the
information in the flyer.

But why don't you just ask the sponsor of the old flyers first, what they
think about throwing the old flyers away? I'm sure that they won't have
any problems with that. Its just normal, information gets outdated and
marketing stuff is nearly everytime produced in way to many pieces.


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