Re: Cool t-shirts?

From: Christian Weerts (
Date: Fri May 24 2002 - 21:54:51 CEST

* Martin Schulze <> [020524 12:58]:
> There may still be a chance to get some special and cool t-shirts
> manufactured. Here are some proposals I made. Perhaps somebody
> would like to comment on them?
Hmm, just had a look at the proposals. Here is my vote-list,
from most-wanted to ... ;)

Prop 5,3,4,2,1,6

Another proposal, without decrease Joey's work:
What about an t-shirt with the same motiv like the CD?
Probably the globe in the hand with a swirl mounted on it?

Any oppinions?

Joey: How is the deadline for changing the motiv?
Is a more colourfull motiv acceptable? What about the price?



May the Source be with you...

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