Re: Anmeldung?

From: Gerfried Fuchs (
Date: Fri May 24 2002 - 13:33:50 CEST

* David N. Welton <> [2002-05-24 11:17]:
> Well, that's sort of the idea, but what's written above is that we
> might as well create a list for German events. There seem to be a lot
> of them, and high quality/important, at that, as well as lots of
> participants. So, rather than force a lot of people to speak another
> language, maybe just having a list that's clearly for German speakers
> would be more appropriate?

 Uhm, I am not fully sure what you sugguest: Do you sugguest a events
list for german speaking participants, or a list for events in germany?
There's a fine but important difference. The first wouldn't make much
sense for one should have to forward the infos from the english list to
there and back again.

 The second also doesn't really make much sense for there are always
non-german speaking people heling out for events in germany. So a
seperate list for german events would be still mainly be in english (or
one has to update the other readers every now and then about the status

> Maybe something even so simple as tagging messages would be enough
> (writing [DE] in the subject)?

 That makes more sense and I hope it is possible to educate the people
here to do it. The topic popps up every now and then and should be

> Anyway, sorry to intrude, we now return you to your regularly
> scheduled "Anmeldung" discussion. Thanks for your time and
> attention:-)

 *g* Your point is reasonable and it is always hard to find the best
borderwalk between the different possible solutions.

 Have fun,

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      noch nachlesen koennen.

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