Re: Ham-Radio at the Debian Linuxtag Booth? [long]

From: Alexander Neumann (
Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 15:08:35 CEST

Michael Holzt wrote:
> [Hamradio + Debian on Linuxtag]
> Comments?

As you might have seen, I will also attend the Debian-Booth, and as you
might know already, I am DO7QT. I can assists you setting up the
hardware and your transceiver(s), but the only experience I have with
Hamradio under Linux is good-old PR and tcp/ip over PR.

If you need more Ham-Specific Hardware, like a TNC for PR, feel free to
contact me. Me and a friend, DD3QG, will be present from Thursday
to Sunday.

- Alexander "fd0" Neumann

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