Re: Version 2 of CD Image

From: Martin Schulze (
Date: Sun May 19 2002 - 18:14:31 CEST

Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Martin Schulze <> writes:
> > Oh damn it!
> >> BTW: Author states that this needs a proof read.
> > Blinder, what needs to be done to incorporate the files into the regular
> > boot-floppies documentation?
> Is he on this list?

Dunno, but he was on (b)cc.

> >> Today we are without German Docs (from Boot-Floppies). What should I/we
> >> do? We have the two books, the debian.html and the FAQs, all in
> >> German. So it is not complete without german doc. :)
> > FWIW: German documentation from boot-floppies build again as of five
> > minutes ago.
> What? It always breaks here.
> Send it to me, i include it.

Perform a "cvs update" in the doc directory and call make again.

> >> ALL: *PLEASE* look at the debian.html. I rewrote some of the parts in
> >> there (started with the debian.html from last year). Check that please.
> > Where is it?
> On CD (btw: rsync is finished, Image is available).
> I put a version at

Good, patch is attached.

> Note that there are no Images, they are on the CD, not on klecker. :)

Lynx doesn't display them anyway.


                        unbedingt das Kapitel 5 der Installationsanleitung durchlesen.<br>

Ein Link auf die passende Datei samt Abschnitt im Verzeichnis documentation waere vielleicht nicht verkehrt.

> And the link to gpl.html is broken too there, but it works on CD :)




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