Re: Version 2 of CD Image

From: Martin Schulze (
Date: Sun May 19 2002 - 16:28:10 CEST

Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Martin Schulze <> writes:
> >> > Send me German Docs.
> >> > Look into Bootfloppies: No german docs.
> >> > Look into Bootfloppies CVS: German Docs, but dont build.
> >> Exactly, since not complete and very outdated.
> > Damn it! I was permanently told that Blinder was working on them.
> > What happened?
> Look at
> There is some german thing. But i cant get it work here.
> If anyone has success: Send me the txt.

Oh damn it!

> BTW: Author states that this needs a proof read.

Blinder, what needs to be done to incorporate the files into the regular
boot-floppies documentation?

If it is only proofreading, what should be proofread? Your bad
grammer? Your bad spelling? Or check if the text matches the

> Today we are without German Docs (from Boot-Floppies). What should I/we
> do? We have the two books, the debian.html and the FAQs, all in
> German. So it is not complete without german doc. :)

FWIW: German documentation from boot-floppies build again as of five
minutes ago.

> ALL: *PLEASE* look at the debian.html. I rewrote some of the parts in
> there (started with the debian.html from last year). Check that please.

Where is it?



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