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Date: Sun May 19 2002 - 10:27:45 CEST


Some bad and some good News.

The bad news: NO jigdo Files for that. Tried yesterday the whole
evening and until 03:30 in the night and tomorrow for one hour. Thats
too much. Always got "XX Files not found" errors. So you can only
download the Image. :()
Not a good thing but better then no Image to test.

Good news: No big error found in last Image (at least i got no
report). I changed some things again, but this is nearly the final
Image. If grisu still wants the Image at Monday i built the final one
tomorror at ~ 15:00 (UTC+2 :) ). Not that much time for tests of this
Image, but i will work only on it today (after a little sleep til 13:00)

(A site with some small descriptions about the CD Image and links to
the dirs at

Ok, rsync is running. Dont download until DONT.DOWNLOAD disappears
(rsync delete-after)

Ok, again the Changelog attached, Comments with :: marked.

2002-05-19 Joerg Jaspert <>
        * Removed-Packages: gcc-3.0, gcc-3.0-base, libstdc++3

:: Not really needed for this CD. Too much place used. (Image size
:: >650MB is not good :) )

2002-05-18 Joerg Jaspert <>

        * Hmm, the thing with a local tree wont work as I expected.
          So i killed that and do it with a Hook before the Packages.gz
          is created. That works, no Component: local :)

:: I simply delete the "Old" Versions of the Packages i replace and
:: copy the new ones in. Works.

        * Changed base-config package:
          If I got it right the Problem with the ldap stuff reported
          comes from a Package on security.d.o in stable which has a
          higher Version Number then the woody-version (see Bug 144160,
          there is more). The trivial fix is to change apt-setup in
          base-config to not point to stable (which is potato at the
          moment) but let it point to woody for
          So base-config now is from local in this CD, Version Number

          PLEASE TEST THAT !

:: First test was ok. Little change, but that prevents errors if one
:: uses Should not break anything, it simply
:: points to woody.

        * Updated Readme.Linuxtag.

:: Done automagically at build-time

        * Changed both FAQs to have a Link back to debian.html.

        * Changed debian.html to not have the Topics of that FAQs, just
        links to them.

        * Renamed to FAQs. Moved debian-user-german FAQ to
        FAQs/debian-user-german and the to FAQs/

        * Added: FAQ from on

:: Yeah, now we have much German Documentation on the CD. But still
:: nothing from boot-floppies, eg: install/doc/de !
:: There is something at but i cant
:: get .txt's out of it. I give it another try today, but if you can do
:: it then go on and send me the .txt files from it. :)

        * Changed: Added gpl.html and pointed all gpl-Links from
        debian.html to that file.

:: No outside link for it. Too important i think.
        * Added-Packages: mdetect, read-edid, apt-proxy, apt-howto,
        apt-listchanges, xawtv, scantv

:: Requested. From now on i will only add new Packages if they are
:: really needed (eg it is missing by a Depends/Recommends (should not
:: happen))

2002-05-17 Joerg Jaspert <>

        * Changed: Package name is not zapping, it is dvb-zapping

        * Changed: Boot-Messages corrected. Removed all . Changed
        Address of German User Mailinglist. Who translated them? No
        at boottime :)
        Also removed the "Contains non-free" from the F10-Message. We
        have some lines free there if you want to add something...

        * Changed: Told debian-cd where local debs are. It should now
        include Mozilla, Galeon and gnupg from Sid. Test it!
        That gives us a .../woody/local/ with subdirs for the
        Packages. The Release contains a "Component: main contrib local"
        but i think thats ok. Lets see in next Test. :)
        That gives us a easy way to add other packages too :)

        * Added-Packages: kde-i18n-de, tsocks, fortunes-de, mpg321,
        gtk-gnutella, galeon-common, blackbox, kvirc-doc, imp

        * Changed: Package galeon-common was missing.

ChangeLog cutted here. Look at my page for the rest.

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