Re: linuxtag-img v2 tested

From: Joerg Jaspert (
Date: Fri May 17 2002 - 02:17:56 CEST

Thomas Marquart <> writes:

> I just tested the version 2 of the linuxtag-woody-intstall-image from

Next time drop the /images/ and read what you get then :)
It is now at a faster location.

> first of all: great work! up to date software with nearly everything
> needed.

Thats woody. :)

> * what about a choice between grub and lilo at the installation? grub is
> included on the CD anyways.

Yes, but the Setupprocess cant do that. I cant do anything for it :)

> * I got asked 3 times which dictionary I wanted to use: first only choice
> between american/english, then with german included, and the third time
> with german and ngerman included. Its nothing serious, but not really nice
> :-)

Then dont install all dictionarys. :)

> * IIRC, I only checked "desktop-environment" in tasksel and got kde _and_
> Gnome installed. Maybe I overlooked something, but a choice would be fine
> (just like it is between kdm/xdm/gdm)

tasksel limitiation. The Task desktop has gnome and kde. Write a
wishlist bug against tasksel. :)

> * Had to load kernel-module cmpci (sound) by hand, as usual, but fealnx
> (ethernet) was not necessary. Not compiled as module, I suppose.

Standard Kernel? Thats 2.4, which has many drivers included.

> * locales did not generate the locales when configured during install and
> no /etc/environment was present. dpkg-reconfigure locales fixed it, but I
> think this should not happen. Even after this, I was unable to select
> german as a language under kde (gnome is totally in german), even with a
> "fresh" user.

Hmm, locales Bug? Anyone know of that?
I test that in next Testinstall tomorrow.

> * missing packages: just a wishlist, when I'm too lazy to do the deb-lines
> in sources.list :)
> mpg321, sawfish-themes-extra, gtk-themes-extra (both from
>, gtk-gnutella (or any other gnutella-client),
> fortunes

mpg321 in Todo, gnutella and fortunes too.
Nothing from "Outside the Archive" except there is a big demand (eg, i
get flamed from many people) for it.
Tell me packages you think we dont need, i have a space problem with
the Additions. :)

> All in all, a fine thing, with wich it is possible to set up a completely
> usable system without even having net-connection.

Thats the Idea of this Image.

> I will use it for all my future installs :-)

Wait until the Final Image. :)

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