Re: CD Image Location

From: Joerg Jaspert (
Date: Fri May 17 2002 - 01:51:10 CEST

Joerg Jaspert <> writes:

> Perhaps one of you seen it: My rsync Server is now closed (password
> needed). But that does not matter, i found a good location for you:
> Thx for that goto
> Florian Lohoff <>
> And MediaWays GmbH
> We should mention them in the Readme.Linuxtag for that.
> Have fun with a (now) fast download of the Images/Template Files :)

Yeah. And that people know what to do i made a little Site with
Look at

You find instructions how to get the Image (as .raw and with jigdo) and
where to report errors. (If you are reading here you know where :) ).

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