Re: linuxtag-img v2 tested

From: thomas marquart (
Date: Thu May 16 2002 - 23:32:07 CEST

On Thu, 16 May 2002, [iso-8859-15] Rémi Letot wrote:

> Karsten Merker <> writes:

> <couic>
> > I assume you have a PS/2 mouse? This is the result of a limitation
> > in the kernel when two processes (XFree and gpm) try to use /dev/psaux
> > at the same time. If you need gpm and XFree together with a PS/2 mouse,
> > you need to use gpm's repeater mode.
> I have a ps2 mouse on /dev/psaux, and gpm and X cohabit nicely without
> repeater mode.
well, it works, too, on my main-system (yes it is a ps2 mouse on
/dev/psaux) and as the install from the LT-image will be deleteds soon, I
don't really care :-)
anyways - this is offtopic.

sorry for that


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