Re: Version 2 of CD Image

From: Joerg Jaspert (
Date: Thu May 16 2002 - 14:31:53 CEST

Gerfried Fuchs <> writes:

>> (Some CCs to people who really should not miss this mail :) ).
> I guess joey was asking for Cc's these days anyway.

Yes, but i dont know if you are on this list. :)

>> * Added FAQ.DE Directory with actual debian-user-german FAQ. We
>> can change it to be in debian.html later. Or change dirname. Lets
>> see what Gerfried says.
> Personally I must say leave it as (as in the package you mailed
> me -- the de was lowercased?).

It is on the CD, just not in this Mail. :)

> Sorry that I can't help there anymore but I hope you can forgive me in
> my current situation.

Thx for the work.

Anyone here to take it over?

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