Re: CD-Image-Download URL

From: Christian Weerts (
Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 23:39:06 CEST

* Joerg Jaspert <> [020513 21:16]:
> Michael Bramer <> writes:
> > Thanks for your work, but I have a question:
> > Can you post some download-URL(s) of your cd-image?
> after my next build.
> This evening i think. I have to fix the Bug in the Image from
> yesterday. :)
> I post a message here if it is up. (with 128kbit it is not fast :)) )

I would add an text like this on the CD-itself or on the
   Starten der Installation: Sie können den PC von dieser CD
   booten, die Installation von DOS aus starten, indem Sie
   im Verzeichnis \install "boot" aufrufen, oder Disketten
   erzeugen und den PC damit booten.
   Deutschsprachige Dokumentation finden Sie im Verzeichnis
   \install\doc\de und Handbücher in \books.

Can you verify the path in the text?
Is there an 'INSTALL'-file on the CD? Could you send it to


May the Source be with you...

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