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Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 00:23:10 CEST

Christian Weerts wrote:
> > > > > The image is just a little PNG-File to save the transparency
> > > > > of the background and save DL-Time. The Original is based
> > > > > upon the Artwork from last year.
> > > > >
> > > > > Awaiting your comments / whishes.
> > > >
> > > > qiv displays it with a black background, that's way too dark,
> > >
> > > Maybe qiv does'nt support transparency?
> >
> > Since I just got some other graphics that were looking quite strange,
> > I guess so. *sigh*
> You should use another viewer.

Hmbf. Im getting used to qiv, one more non-free s/w to ditch, can't
somebody fix that program instead? Which viewer do you propose

> > > > also the logo seems to suffer from aliasing.
> > >
> > > Hmm, do you mean the Debian- or the LT-logo?
> >
> > I seem to recall that I was puzzled by the Debian logo, but I'm not
> > sure.
> >
> > > The LT-logo is taken from the website in GIF-Format. For
> > > that, of course, i need a high-resolution image.
> >
> > I can provide an EPS, does GIMP eat that?
> He does, but i have the EPS already. I get it in b/w but i
> colored it.

Btw. if possible, try to use the LT yellow (see website) for the logo

> > However, here are some comments for further improvements:
> >
> > . Black on Red is not easy to read, better use a light red background
> > if you need a background

Err... that was wrong. It should read " if you need a red background".

> I need a background for the upper left triangle. I could use
> a lighter red, but also i thought about signal-colours like
> yellow or pink. I don't know by now.

Signal colours are fine. But please take into account that certain
colour pairs don't match. black on red, black on blue, blue on
yellow, green on red etc. hurt the eyes...

In 2000 we had white on blue, which is fine. White on red should be
fine as well.

In 2002 there was a sticker (circle with bars) and "untested BETA!"
printed on the cover as well. It may be good to discuss if we need
that as well - just in case Woody doesn't get released in time.

> > . Black on dark grey (left side, left+above) is not easy to read.
> > Better use a light background.
> You mean the DFSG, i think. In my new work i kicked it. My
> wife was confused, and she could'nt read as well, so i
> thought the front-cover looks better without it. Perhaps I
> place it on the back-cover for the background.

No, I seem to recall that the above statement referred to the Text

> > . One proposal lacks a triangle with background for the text
> > "LinuxTag 2002 Edition", you should use a spcial background to
> > ensure it is a different and important element.
> See above. Perhaps yellow, pink or grass-green? I don't know.

No pink please...

try green, try blue.

> > . Also, you should think about where and how to place sponsor logos.
> > With the current design... I had some problems, since there is not
> > enough free space on the right side and the artwork is too cool and
> > interesting to be printed over by a logo. :-)
> That was also my thought, and i think we could place the
> logos on the back-cover at the top and on the CD itself in
> black. It could be enough honor for the sponsors.

You'll have to negotiate for that with grisu who has to negotiate with
the sponsors, but I'd rather expect the logos to be placed at the
cover, just like it was done for the last two years.

> What about the LinuxTag logo? Should it be placed on the
> front- or back-cover. As long as i know, LinuxTag isn't a
> sponsor or give something else to the Debian-LT02-CD. Or
> what?

I'd say that it belongs to the front cover. LinuxTag is a *large*
sponsor, they pay for the booth and take the hassle to ensure it'll
actually be there.

Also this is the LinuxTag edition, so why not placing the common logo
of it on the cover, people know it and can associate the CD with the
correct event.

> When we take the hand on the front-cover we must also honor
> the photographer who made this work. Most likely she saw it
> on the front-cover as big as we can ;). But i wrote her that
> we only could place it on the back-cover (like all the other
> sponsors). I'm still waiting for her answer...

Can you provide proposals how to give her credit? In newspapers there
would be a small (6pt, 4pt) note "Picture: Helen Horrible", maybe
rotated by -90



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