Re: LT CD, Second Try

From: Joerg Jaspert (
Date: Sun May 12 2002 - 22:30:32 CEST

Martin Schulze <> writes:

>> I choosed that because i planned to make some vacation between 16 and
>> 23or 30 May. But today my only hope is for 23 til 30 May, so 23 May is
>> a good final date too.
> Args. This would make any real testing of the images impossible. I
> guess that rules you out for CD mastering.

No. The plans are 90% dead. If i dont get a letter tomorrow or at
Tuesday they are 100% dead. Another year without vacation then. :()
(Then 7 Years).

> I can only warn you not to test the images and press untested images
> on thousands of CDs, mastered by somebody who isn't used to Debian CD
> mastering and to the mster tools of Debian. This cries for problems.

But 23 May is still a good final day. Or tell me any other day after
that. I dont know how long it takes to press the CDs.

>> Someone there wo wants to translate that file to German/French?
> If a translation should be added, it should be made not earlier than
> one day before the final cd is mastered, or the translation will tend
> to be out of date.

Yes. Just a question if there is someone. :)

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