Re: LT CD, Second Try

From: Joerg Jaspert (
Date: Sun May 12 2002 - 21:17:17 CEST

Michael Bramer <> writes:

>> > Doesn't tasksel only show packages that are really available?
>> Dont know. Never really used. :)
> the woody tasksel show all tasks, if _one_ (or more) package(s) of the
> task on the CD.

I think thats bad. But if I should not change it i leave it. Less
work. :)

> Joerg:
> - thanks for your work
> - can you send a 'find /cdrom/' from your cd

Done. cdromlist.bz2 on my site.
Hmm, i should remove all those empty subdirs :)

> others:
> - Have someone time and can make really german BFs ?

Setup is multi-lingual. Everything after it I dont know, i made
something bad with the CD :)

> - can someone start a README?
> - this is only a LinuxTag- Edition, not a full debian 3.0
> - if you have a running fast Internet-Connection use apt-setup and
> add some online APT sources
> - maybe some tasks are not completed installed (sorry, but the CD is
> small and debian is big)
> - see doc's in /install/ and /doc/ on the CD for more infos
> - ?

 - If you someday buy a Woody CD Set use apt-cdrom add to let
   dselect/aptitude/apt know about them.

BTW: I still have troubles to come to Karlsruhe :()

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