LT CD, Second Try

From: Joerg Jaspert (
Date: Sun May 12 2002 - 16:38:50 CEST


Look at
You find ltcd_lists.tar.bz2 there.
It contains some files:

linuxtag2002 - Contains package names to include
eclude - Contains package names to exclude
1_NONUS.packages - List of Packages on the CD.
log.list2cds - If you want to know why a package is excluded or
               included look here.

I built a CD Image and burned it with this. It boots fine with idepci
and bf24 and setup starts. Nothing more tested *yet*.

BTW: I only include that kernel-images:

All others are excluded. Kernel-Sources are excluded too.
I hope thats enough. Lets see. :)

The size of the Image is now 645MB (if we use the thing without nonus
it would be 599MB, but thats theoretical :) ). Note that this is after
adding the bootdisks, Package size is about 580MB.

If you want to add another package (with more than 5MB) you should also
say which package to drop for the space needed. :)
A good candidate could be XEmacs21, we have Emacs21 :)
Or we need 700MB CDs, but we probably dont get them. (Would be cool).

I used the normal Bootdisk set available from the Mirrors (3.0.22 from
2002-04-03). Same goes for the Isolinux Bootmethod, nothing special
here. Boot-Floppies just wont build on my system and i deleted it after
my fifth try without success. :)
I deleted all 1.20 and 2.88MB Disk Images from the CD, just the 1.44 left.
If you want some special Disks then feed me with a usable set.
I have to figure out how to change the default boot kernel for this CD
from idepci to Kernel 2.4, probably by editing the
debian-cd/tools/boot/woody/boot-i386 Script.

The next thing is the displayed text at boot time. Do we want some
special thing there? The only change i made today is to change the
isolinux.txt (Displayed first after boot from CD) to tell that this is
the Linuxtag 2002 Edition. If you want to change some of the Displayed
Messages then fetch text.tar.bz2, change it and mail it to me/this

Do we want to change the default README.txt/html on the CD too? If yes:
Write it :)

Another thing: We cant place all things for all tasks on the CD. To do
that we need 2 CD Images and i dont think the Sponsors are paying for that.
So tasksel is probably not very useful in base-config.
We have to ways: Just ignore that/write it in the README that not all
Packages for tasksel are on the CD because of space limitations.

Or we hack base-config to not ask for tasksel and go directly into
dselect/aptitude. debian-cd can include local packages so i have to
build a base-config without tasksel and increment the Version
number. The base setup should then use that base-config i think.

I dont have the CD-Image on people.d.o now. I first want to test if
Install works before i do the Upload with 128K :)

Now give me your input :)

begin  OjE-ist-scheisse.txt
bye, Joerg                 Encrypted Mail preferred!
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