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From: Christian Weerts (
Date: Thu May 09 2002 - 13:00:15 CEST

* Martin Schulze <> [020509 10:03]:
> Christian Weerts wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > i had some creative time and do a raw concept for an
> > CD-Cover. At this moment only the Logo's of LinuxTag and
> > Debian are present. If you like my proposal, i'll need
> > the logo's of the sponsors and all the other stuff for the
> > back-cover.
> >
> > Here it is:
> >
> > The image is just a little PNG-File to save the transparency
> > of the background and save DL-Time. The Original is based
> > upon the Artwork from last year.
> >
> > Awaiting your comments / whishes.
> qiv displays it with a black background, that's way too dark,

Maybe qiv does'nt support transparency?

> also the logo seems to suffer from aliasing.

Hmm, do you mean the Debian- or the LT-logo?
The LT-logo is taken from the website in GIF-Format. For
that, of course, i need a high-resolution image.
The Debian-Logo is taken from the CD-Cover from last year.
It should show some aliasing. Maybe the PNG-format is not
the best for presentation. I move the *.xcf-files to
armadillo too, so you can view it with The Gimp!.

> Hmm, you should add something like "Woody" and "3.0" at
> prominent places.

Sureley i'll do that. This was only the first concept! At
this time i'm working on another Layout with another
background. Let's see...


May the Source be with you...

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