Re: First draft of the LinuxTag-booth

From: Roland Rosenfeld (
Date: Sun May 05 2002 - 20:09:49 CEST

On Sun, 05 May 2002, Thimo Neubauer wrote:

> Thus, I propose to show the most interesting machines[1]:
> - one i386 as demo-machine because this is (still...) the most
> reliable architecture and most of us are used to it

Fully agree. With a not too old hardware we can show, what can be
done with Linux and Debian. Some fast blinking software as an eye
catcher may be a good idea to make people curious.
> - the Alpha, because Alphas aren't that well known but deserve
> it. Actually, Compaq released EV7 and is successfully building
> fast clusters with them; at least universities may be interested

If you say "the Alpha", you may think about the one I offered, but you
should keep in mind, that this is a quite old machine, which takes
nearly two hours to compile a 2.2 kernel. See for more information
about the machine.

So if someone has a faster machine, it may be a better demonstration
object. Nobody should think that Debian on Alpha is slow, only
because my machine is old...
Maybe we should think about a second i386 machine which can be used to
demonstrate or explain some questions about a visitor. There are many
thinks I don't know about Debian but most times I know where to look
for it. But for this I need Internet access and/or a full featured
Debian machine. Yes, I know, that such a machine can be misused by
developers to read the email, but that's a question of booth policy ;-)



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