Re: First draft of the LinuxTag-booth

From: Joerg Jaspert (
Date: Sun May 05 2002 - 18:04:31 CEST

Martin Schulze <> writes:

>> ARGH. Sorry für die verhunzte Mail eben.
> Ah, in that case please ignore the PS in my other mail.

/ignore joey
Done :)

>> > T would be a long table with more computers on it, mainly the Alpha
>> > and the PowerPC. Above them, some posters about our 11 architectures?
>> Dont forget the SE Enhanced Debian where everyone could try to break in.
> Vorsicht, bitte folgende URL beachten:
> <>

Yes, it is bad to say "Look, thats secure, but dont touch it". If i
remember it right, we have this SE Setup and a big Poster with the root
Pass. And then everyone can try to break in and damage the system. And
it is open (everyone can look into the SE Sources).
So i dont think that this is a problem in this case.

>> > I've started planning the booth and those are the constraints we have IMO:
>> > - besides the demo computer only 2 or 3 extra computers are
>> > needed. Not every question has to be answered by typing in strange
>> > commands :)
>> If you look at
>> you
>> see that we have some more :)
>> 8 computers now, 5 Architectures.
> Please note that the page only lists hardware which was offered. The
> list does not imply that we have to use all the machines listed there.

Yes. If we get a small booth then we dont use all machines. Until we
know the size of the booth we should just plan with all machines. :)

> "Somebody" needs to decide which machine will be useful and which
> won't.

Somebody = This list :)
At least one machine of each arch for presentation. Then the one for
the Shows. Then the one for the SE Linux (could be the i386 for the

begin  OjE-ist-scheisse.txt
bye, Joerg
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