First draft of the LinuxTag-booth

From: Thimo Neubauer (
Date: Sat May 04 2002 - 18:52:05 CEST


I've started planning the booth and those are the constraints we have IMO:

- a demopoint with beamer needs at least 2x3m, better 3x3 meter so
  that there's plenty of space for visitors to watch

- besides the demo computer only 2 or 3 extra computers are
  needed. Not every question has to be answered by typing in strange
  commands :)

This is a draft sketch of how I think the booth could be:

         3-4m 3m
       |TTTTTT |
       | |
       | B | 4m?
       | |
       |SSS D |

D is a high table ("Stehpult") or shelf with a computer on it for the
shows and for explaining stuff, B is the approximate position of the
Beamer which should be somehow mounted to the ceiling[1]. The free
space on the right wall would be perfect for the "DDs all over the
world"-poster. I don't know yet if D should point inside or outside
the booth, both versions have advantages.

T would be a long table with more computers on it, mainly the Alpha
and the PowerPC. Above them, some posters about our 11 architectures?
S is the selling-point where we hand out CDs and sell T-Shirts.
By the way: we do need some kind of booth master: the one with the key
to the cash box. This should also be the person standing behind S to
keep confusion and asking around at a minimum level.

This booth-plan looks a bit boring but S has to be at the front and
the demopoint needs a lot of space... or I missed something. Please
improve the plan :)

I intend to start collecting information about who could be manning
the booth when. Thus, everybody should think about what talks he wants
to listen to so that we can assign shifts. Of course, the shifts won't
be completely static but IMHO we should have a rough plan to avoid the
too-many-DDs-problem. If noone objects I'll start asking those wanting
to help in the booth by personal mail when they'll have time.

We have to talk about the demo computer a bit more: I guess that
anyone showing something special on the machine needs a specific
install on it. Do we have a good solution for this problem? Do we
prepare several partitions on the evenings before the show! Or do we
use something like mondo to quickly put a new install on it? Anyway,
there should be nothing important on the harddisk at all...

Ok, that's it for now, I almost certainly forgot something. Heck, I'll
do a self-reply in that case ;-)


[1] Sorry, I didn't have a opportunity to check for mounting
    connections on the beamer yet, I'll probably do that on monday

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