Re: Linuxtag

From: Joerg Jaspert (
Date: Sun Apr 28 2002 - 12:49:01 CEST

Russell Coker <> writes:

>> Hmm, muddleftpd is out then. It has its own logging :)
> I could easily change the policy to allow it to create files under /var/log,
> have them automatically transition to a new type that is only writable by the
> FTP server and then only allow it append access (not write, truncate, or
> delete). That would be about 5 minutes work.

Hmm, sounds nice. I install all packages i have on my normal
machine, let you do the work and copy most of it later. *g*

>> Hmm, sounds nice.
>> This Linuxtag has a very good site: I get a full configured Debian SE
>> System. (And i kill you if you rm -rf / that on 9. Juni ! ) :))
> ;)
> If I wanted to be nasty I'd leave you with only the root password, without a
> password for the sysadm_r role you can't do anything (root on SE Linux has
> less privs than a regular user on a regular Linux machine). ;)

Thats the other thing i dont want you to do :)

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bye, Joerg
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