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From: Joerg Jaspert (
Date: Fri Apr 26 2002 - 13:25:46 CEST

Eduard Bloch <> writes:

>> - Should i use the normal Installsystem or PGI ?
> I personally prefer the normal installation system, but I am not
> objective.

Hehe, you are on of the bf-guys, yes.

>> - Should i make only an Image for one CD or for more (woody is
>> biiiiiig)
> IMO yes. We should merge packages list of the last lt-CD, merge with
> Knoppix list and drop non-free and knoppix-specific packages.

There must be emacs on the CD. A Linux-CD without Emacs is a
Windows-CD. And Postfix and pppoe. Anything else does not matter. :)

>> - Should i make a DVD Image ? (i dont have a DVD Burner, so i cant
>> test that)
> What about price of the copies?

I dont know. I dont copy them, i just create the iso.

>> - I will use bf2.4, no 2.2.x Kernel.
> I suggest to put bf2.4 and bf2.4-xfs on a (isolinux) multiboot CD.

Is there a reason to not only use bf2.4-xfs ? You dont need to install
XFS if you dont want ? Or is that a must with -xfs ?

>> - Who will test them (i put them on people.d.o).
> IMO bad idea, ppl.d.o has too slow for big downloads.

Give me a better server. My home DSL Line with 128kb Upstream is not a
good thing :)

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