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From: Russell Coker (
Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 00:05:27 CET

On Mon, 3 Dec 2001 14:37, Martin Schulze wrote:
> 2. There were only three people around who wanted to give a talk
> (You, Thomas and myself).

Maybe there were more who weren't asked enough.

> Oh, btw. I just repeated the lilo problem *again*. Now it's on the
> laptop.
> kyllikki!root(tty2):~# lilo
> Fatal: First boot sector is version 21.7. Expecting version 22.1.
> Maybe it was always the laptop and not finlandia but I didn't notice.
> To bad the conference is over already.

Hmm. Please email me privately everything that seems remotely relevant, the
lilo.conf, the /boot/*.b files, etc.

> Due to the amount of interesting talks on the main track I'd rather
> have a Debian Meeting before the official talks start (i.e. during
> Linux-Kongress on Wednesday, during LinuxTag on Thursday). This way
> we don't have to compete with large talks by professionals and

I object to the distinction being made between us and "professionals". Ted,
Maddog, and RMS are more famous than any of us, more skillful than most of
us, and better paid than many of us, but not more professional IMHO.

I don't think you intended it to be interpreted it that way, but it's the
most common interpretation of such a statement.

> 2.

I can talk on devfsd, Portslave/pppd, benchmarking (bonnie++ and/or Postal),
NSA Security Enhanced Linux, and whatever else I get into between now and
then. For all of these items I can literally prepare a talk in less than an
hour (I know the material well and have had practise at giving talks at short

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