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From: Martin Schulze (
Date: Mon Dec 03 2001 - 14:37:43 CET

Hi Russell,

Russell Coker wrote:
> I think that in future events of the nature of Linux Kongress we should
> follow the conference track as well as the exhibition track. I was glad to
> have the opportunity to speak briefly about my Portslave package, but I would
> have preferred a set time slot (to not be interrupted by a coffee break) and
> also would have liked a time slot for talking about devfsd.

Yes, indeed.

There were three problems why this didn't happen:

 1. We received the opportunity to give a workhop rather late.

 2. There were only three people around who wanted to give a talk
    (You, Thomas and myself).

 3. I didn't know about the coffee break until it happened...

So yes, I fully agree. Next time we'll need 30min/45min/60min slots
dedicated to a given topic. Oh well, and the announcement should be
sent out earlier, and it should appear on the main website (congress

This, however, requires much better and more organization. This
wasn't able within the short timeframe we had left. We already
managed such a thing, I called it Debian Day[1], last year. There
will be another such thing again in Karlsruhe[2] and maybe in Helsinki
as well.

Oh, btw. I just repeated the lilo problem *again*. Now it's on the

kyllikki!root(tty2):~# lilo
Fatal: First boot sector is version 21.7. Expecting version 22.1.

Maybe it was always the laptop and not finlandia but I didn't notice.
To bad the conference is over already.

> I suggest that the way to do this is to have our own set of presentations in
> parallel with the main conference (we only need a room for it) on Debian
> topics. We could announce the schedule for this on a poster (so it wouldn't
> need to be exactly determined until shortly before the conference).

Due to the amount of interesting talks on the main track I'd rather
have a Debian Meeting before the official talks start (i.e. during
Linux-Kongress on Wednesday, during LinuxTag on Thursday). This way
we don't have to compete with large talks by professionals and
well-known people like Ted, Maddog, RMS or anybody else and our people
can listen to their talks as well.

> The advantage of this is that Debian speakers would be able to schedule their
> talks to co-incide with talks that they aren't particularly interested in
> seeing.

Which is why I'd like to have it before the regular talks, things get
more complicated otherwise.

> Now as for topics of a talk, we could produce a list of packages maintained
> by all Developers who would attend the conference (and who are willing and
> feel themselves able to give a talk) and call for votes on what talks people

Good idea. We already did a similar thing this hear, since I asked
some people who told me that they'll be around if they can talk about
a certain subject.

> would like to see. If there are two developers who feel that they can't fill
> 45 mins then they could share a slot and do 20 mins each.

> For developers who feel scared about giving a talk (a natural reaction) I am
> sure that they could find someone who has more experience in giving talks who
> can assist them. The assistance could be in the form of helping draft the
> notes, listening to a trial talk the day before, or co-presenting the talk.

Oh well...




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