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Date: Mon Dec 03 2001 - 16:23:07 CET


Frederic Peters wrote:
> I got this mail from Raphael Bauduin <> (translation
> follows):
> Translated:
> | There is also a possibility to organize a Debian meeting during
> | FOSDEM. We could book a room for Debian developers as we're going to
> | do for GNUstep ones.
> | Do you think it would be something interesting to Debian developers ?
> | It would be cool in any case!
> FOSDEM is "Free & Open Source software developer's European Meeting"
> (it was created as OSDEM last year but they heard RMS shouting...)
> The website is and it will be in Brussels on February
> 16th and 17th.
> What do you think about this ?

Debian could be present there. All that is required are people and
speakers. Please read the mail I sent some hours ago (reply to

So the main question is: Who of Debian is going to attend FOSDEM?
The second question is: Who of these is willing to give a talk or
presentation and about which topic.

I can collect ideas, names, talks etc. if you like.

The current list of speakers is at:


From a short glance only Miguel and rms look well-known to me. Both
give brilliant talks one has to listen to.

Frederic, are you going to Bruxelles?



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