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From: Frederic Peters (fpeters@tiscalinet.be)
Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 08:59:24 CET


I got this mail from Raphael Bauduin <rb@raphinou.com> (translation
| Aussi, il y aurait moyen d'organiser une reunion Debian
| durant le WE FOSDEM. On pourrait reserver une classe au developpeurs Debian,
| tout comme on va le faire pour les developpeurs GNUstep.
| Crois-tu qu'il s'agit de quelque chose d'interessant pour les developperus
| Debian?
| Ce serait coool en tous cas!

| There is also a possibility to organize a Debian meeting during
| FOSDEM. We could book a room for Debian developers as we're going to
| do for GNUstep ones.
| Do you think it would be something interesting to Debian developers ?
| It would be cool in any case!

FOSDEM is "Free & Open Source software developer's European Meeting"
(it was created as OSDEM last year but they heard RMS shouting...)
The website is www.fosdem.org and it will be in Brussels on February
16th and 17th.

What do you think about this ?


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