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Date: Sun Oct 07 2001 - 21:32:36 CEST

I'm awfully sorry, but I lost the overview somehow, so I'll start a
new thread, summarizing the stuff I noticed.


    Name Days
    Henning 'Woglinde' Heinold So-Fr
    Jens Schmalzing So,Do-Fr
    Michael 'grisu' Bramer Mo-Fr
    Michael Meskes Tu
    Simon Richter Mi-Fr
    Tim Weippert Mo

    So far this compiles into:

    Sunday 3
    Monday 3
    Tuesday 3
    Wednesday 3
    Thursday 4
    Friday 4

    Please keep in mind that the booth has to be dismantled on friday
    6pm. There will be a lot of people wandering around, and
    eventually hardware gets feet and walks away... keep that in mind
    and don't leave ANYTHING at the booth when you go away.


    2 tickets can be picked up by Sarah Bröker from Linux New Media AG
    on Sunday afternoon/evening. One of these is reserved for Michael
    Bramer. These tickets should be exchangable through the booth

    Somebody (Simon?) mentioned tickets sponsored by the TUM, what
    about these?


    Martin Krafft <> could provide an x86 box, if
        nobody else can.

    Oliver Bolzer <> could provide a PlayStation II,
        which would still need a monitor or TV. However, there is no
        Debian running on it yet.

    Michael Banck <> can provide a Mac SE/30, to be
        used as extraordinary device - though, maybe not yet running
        Debian (updates?).

    Simon Richter <> can provide an Amiga 1200 running

    Jens Schmalzing <> can
        provide an x86 box to be used during the exhibition. It is a
        dual Pentium III system with 512 MB RAM, 18 GB hard disk, 100
        MBit ethernet and soundcard, so it should be sufficient for
        our purpose.

    Richard Atterer <> can provide an
        ARM RiscPC <>, also an
        interesting box to watch and demonstrate.

    Some people will take a notebook with them.

    Please ensure that all removable parts are locked away when you
    leave the booth. This won't provide ultimate security since the
    locks can be broken easily.

    Please check that there will be enough monitors. :)

    Oh, and of course, it would be *very* helpful if there would be a
    debian:debian (or other well-known password) login on the demo
    boxes so the booth staff can actually log in and demonstrate
    things. As weasel mentioned, you should also make sure that the
    'debian' user cannot log via ssh at the fair. DenyUsers or
    AllowUsers in sshd_config should do the trick.

>>> I'd say, go for the x86 box from jens and the RiscPC from


    Both grisu and Woglinde still have some left over from past shows.
    This should be more than sufficient.

    Woglinde, please keep the flyers, you are left with after WOS, in
    Berlin. Grisu has 10cm, and you won't need more than 1-2cm on
    Systems. I'm pretty sure there will be more chances for some
    event in Berlin where the flyers could be used.


    We are not allowed to sell stuff during the exhibition. However,
    grisu has thankfully created some t-shirts. He's going to take
    some with him for our booth staff. Visitors are able to request
    them to be sold and delivered after the show.


   The fairground will be open on sunday for everybody, so you won't
   be asked for your tickets. You will, however, be pestered on
   monday, so ensure you'll get the tickets on sunday.


       If I'm not mistaken and things have changed drastically since
       last year, there should be space for two computers and two
       monitors. The Linux New Media AG will probably provide network
       equipment and a pipe to the internet.

       We've had little problems with large boxes, so a super-high
       tower machine may not be the best choice. Also please ensure
       that you've got long monitor cables since the machine will
       probably stand on the floor in a cubicle while the monitor will
       be at stomach/breasts height.

       To get an impression how the booth space may look like, please
       check out the pictures I have left over from last year's event:


       There won't be much space for presenting posters, though some
       A3 large printouts should work fine.


       I've been told that a list of all projects that attend Systems
       exhibition are listed here.


       Check out, there may be a party by SuSE or LNM-AG on one day.
       People who don't staff the booth can be invited as well, but
       I've been told that they need a special invitation or security
       won't let them enter the fair ground. I'm not sure about this,
       but you'd better get prepared.


       It would be nice if somebody with a digital camera could take
       pictures of the booth. I'd like to add them to the web pages
       after the show (or during the show if I receive them in time).


       I'd be very happy if somebody could summarize each day of
       Systems and drop me some info on highlights wrt our own
       presence. A dotted list instead of a fully fledged diary would
       be perfectly ok. I'd like to use it for DWN and a report on
       our events pages at <>.



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