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Date: Tue Jul 17 2001 - 21:41:55 CEST

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    David N. Welton wrote:
    > [ please CC replies to me - I should be subscribed, but I haven't got
    > the confirm ]

    You're not, please retry.

    > I am desperately trying to get together a Debian stand for
    > (site only in Italian, sorry), an 'event'

    Could you provide more data to me? As when, how long, where, exhibition || conference

    > regarding the web, and internet in general, and am trying to think of
    > ideas of how to get some Debian CD's. Any ideas?

    Best guess would be to ask vendors in your area (check the vendors
    page at <>. You could also ask who had provided the project with bilingual flyers
    last year.

    > Other than that, I would *really* appreciate any advise anyone can
    > give me (get your shit together well ahead of time is a good one, but
    > unfortunately was impossible).

    I'm sure you have already read the documents I have placed at
    <>, right? Then I have nothing else to



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