[LT Infomail#11] Resumé and Pictures - Debian

From: Martin Schulze (joey@linuxtag.org)
Date: Wed Jul 11 2001 - 11:28:49 CEST

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     1. Resumé

        I hope you've enjoyed LinuxTag and found your way back home.

        We've had something below 17 thousand visitors during all four
        days and about 500 people attending our social event. For us
        LinuxTag 2001 was a lot of fun (and some work, of course). It was
        also an interesting experience to find out that 2-4 hours of sleep
        for a whole week is sufficient and you can still give a talk on
        sunday afternoon. Beat that. :)

     2. Pictures

        A couple of people have taken photos during the show. I'm sure
        that you are interested in more pictures that others have taken.
        I'm currently collecting URLs to those archives. Feel free to use
        them and to commit new ones.


     3. Criticism

        If you would like to make comments about what was good and what
        was bad, please drop me a line. I'm always interested in what we
        can do better next year. After LinuxTag is before LinuxTag, so
        we're already planing the next event.

        You can leave out the "no booth ready" part, the "there is no
        network" part and the "where are our supplies" part. This is
        something that has to be changed, and it was planned differently,
        of course.

        In general I'd like to apologize for the unfinished booths and
        non-working network. Unfortunately I had very little power to
        improve the situation.

     4. Communication

        I'd like to improve the communication from me to the projects. If
        you have ideas please drop me a line. I have written mails
        containing lots of text which were sent to all projects. For the
        first time I haven't sent these information mails to all members
        of projects but only those who organize the booth or lists. I've
        also placed these mails on a web page for those who liked reading
        web pages more than reading mail.

        However, I've found out some problems with this setup, so I may
        change it again. A lot of people have asked me questions which
        I've already answered in one of these mails. Apparently some
        booth members weren't informed properly.

        If you have any ideas on how to improve this situation, please let
        me know.



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