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Date: Tue Jul 03 2001 - 13:22:34 CEST

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    On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 12:35:54PM +0200, "Jürgen A. Erhard" wrote:
    > >>>>> "Nils" == Nils Rennebarth <> writes:
    > Nils> I could offer two 10/100 5port Switches and one 8port Hub for the Network,
    > Nils> as well as a number of TP cables at different length.
    > Nils> We also have a number of the following items that I could bring to the
    > Nils> booth, provided of course it also travels back afterwards (which goes for
    > Nils> the hubs and switches as well :-)
    > Nils> - Power cables
    > Nils> - 10-20 ISA Network cards with BNC/AUI connectors
    > Nils> - screws (for computer cases)
    > Nils> - SCSI cables
    > Nils> - a few 15'' Monitors
    > Nils> What should I bring with me?
    > Definitely the switches. I could imagine that a lot of booths could
    > use them even if the Debian booth doesn't. (Many people, me included,
    > don't need a switch for their tiny home network).


    > The rest? No need, I think. (ISA cards? Urgs... ;-)

    the TP cables are importent!

    and if you have: extension cable (power) (like Dreifachstecker,
                                               kleine Kabeltrommel, ...)


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