[LT Infomail#10] Network News and Last Minute Infos - Debian

From: Martin Schulze (joey@linuxtag.org)
Date: Mon Jul 02 2001 - 10:14:48 CEST

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    This is probably the last mail that I write before LinuxTag begins.
    I'm looking forward to meeting you all at LinuxTag. Have a lot of fun
    at LinuxTag and enjoy it!

     x. Joey on the Road

        When you read this mail, I'm already on the road, travelling to
        Stuttgart with a car full of strange stuff. If nothing serious
        occurs I expect to arrive there at the afternoon.

        This means that I cannot be reached via mail, and even if I see
        the mail at some time, I probably won't be able to respond in
        time. For urgent requests please use the phone numbers of our
        office in Kaiserslautern (0631/3109371 and 0631/3109373). One or
        both numbers should be routed to our Stuttgart office on tuesday
        or wednesday.

        In Stuttgart you'll find our office at the lower floor of Congress
        Center B in room XIIa.

        If you still have questions, please check all ten infomails that
        I've sent, your question may already be covered there. They are
        all stored here:


     x. Network

        Did you make the same mistake like me and also thought that having
        not enough IP numbers and having to masquerade is the worst
        scenario? We lost, entirely. There will be _exact one_ network
        connection for each pavillon (for 4 to 8 booths) and we can use
        only one Class-C network. Due to the structure of the network we
        cannot use a general masquerading host to multiply the address
        range. Isn't that pure wonderful?

        We are trying to get at least some small switches for each
        pavillon. But: Please take all your hubs and switches with you
        and help us build the network on wednesday. I'm already heaving
        nightmares about having a selfmorphing, chaotic and not-working
        network at LinuxTag. Please also take all your *long* network
        cables with you.

        If you have good ideas how to manage this type of network, please
        drop by at the office and discuss it with me. There are currently
        163 computers registrated, but I expect this is only 60% of what
        will be there.

        I'm currently considering this solution:

        1. 200 addresses will be managed by dhcp
        2. 50 addresses are reserved for static assignments
        3. On the dhcp server a listing is generated to show current assignments
        4. For better understanding, static assignments should get a name/booth
        5. I need somebody who is around very early, doesn't leave before
           sunday and can provide a machine that can host this technique.

        Even this may or may not work since the network is said to be
        splitted somehow. This we'll have to find out on wednesday. The
        company providing the network (nextra) doesn't expect a working
        network before wednesday afternoon.

     x. Equipment in our Workshop Rooms

        Apparently I have forgotton to tell you how the workshop rooms
        will look like. Thanks to those who have asked me in time. They
        are small rooms and there should be some 50 chairs placed in it.
        There will be a screen in it and a beamer. There will be no
        computer provided by us. For your presentation please take your
        own computer (i.e. laptop) with you. If this is not possible,
        please ask around the others at your booth if they can loan you a
        machine. Please be advised not to use the most recent beta or CVS
        software since others may not have installed it. The room will
        not have a network connection since it is too far away from the
        exhibition area so cables won't work, and there are ferroconcrete
        walls so wavelan won't work either.

     x. Spontaneous Meetings / Workshops

        Currently there are 18 spare slots in the workshop schedule. If
        you want to use a room during the exhibition spontaneously, please
        check if the room is used currently, and if not, take a pen and
        write your name and a title on the paper schedule which will be
        placed on the door of the respective room, and just use it.
        You'll find the entire schedule at the following url, a
        downloadable postscript file is available as well.


     x. Booth Responsibilities

        It is often useful if only one person is responsible for the
        entire booth if there are more than half a dozen people working at
        the booth. Turn to that person on questions for organizational
        stuff or problems. If the booth is too crowded by developers, it
        may also be useful if the person who is responsible for the booth
        would have the power to throw out some developers in order to
        making space for visitors.

        (This text was written and inspired by Ralf Nolden from KDE.)

     x. iCafé and LUG area

        We will have an internet Café within the exhibition area.
        However, it is meant as service to normal visitors. I'd like to
        ask you not to use it for reading mail etc. since you would lock a
        chair + machine a visitor could use otherwise. You are, however,
        invited to help visitors and demonstrate stuff, so they will leave
        LinuxTag thinking "Wow, what an event". :)

        There will be a booth for Linux User Groups where one can sit
        down, relax and discuss. You are invited to drop by.

     x. IPv6 and Names

        Bastian Blank <waldi@debian.org> tries to register an official
        IPv6 chunk which gets routed to the exhibition area. Any project
        that is interested in demonstrating how IPv6 works is invited to
        join this chunk and assign official addresses to their devices.

        Bastian also tries to get the domain linuxtag.eu.org assigned to
        the exhibition network. If you would like to use
        name.project.domain, just contact him (or somebody else in
        addition to my proposal for ip assignments from above).

     x. Booths

        Please keep the booth tidy, looking well. For "random stuff" we
        have three storerooms, you can use. You can place your jackets
        and other stuff there, they don't have to be at the booth.

     x. Keysigning

        Some projects depend on digital signatures, their members would
        like to improve the web of trust. Large events like LinuxTag,
        where a lot of developers will meet, are quite helpful for this.
        Please don't forget to print our your GnuPG fingerprint and sign
        it (with a pen, so if s/o wants to exchange it he has to fake your
        signature as well). I have written some additional information
        about keysigning, placed here:


     x. Sleeping at the gym hall

        You will need at least these things for personal use:
        . towel
        . soap or similar stuff
        . sleeping bag

        A camping mat should not be required since there are some mats in
        a gym hall normally.

        Since, at the moment, it is not yet decided if dinner and
        breakfast will be provided, I'll better drop the costs here.
        Dinner will be about DM 10-15,--, breakfast about DM 3,-- as well
        a lunchpackage.

     x. Press people

        It is quite possible, that some press people will be around,
        looking for good stories and seeking for information. I'm sure
        you'll do your best to provide whatever they want to hear, right?

     x. Dismantling the booth

        The show ends on sunday at 16 o'clock (4pm). The booth can be
        cleaned up at the same day or on monday from 7am to 4pm. Please
        do not leave any valuable stuff at the booth over night. Last
        year two computers got feet and wandered off. If you can only
        transport valuable equipment on Monday morning and it could be
        easily carried away (normal pc boxes for example), please contact
        me so we can store it in the office, which will be locked.

        Since we have had some trouble with regard to garbage after the
        show, please use the proper plastic bags for garbage and don't
        throw it around blindly.

    See you in Stuttgart,


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