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From: Martin Schulze (joey@linuxtag.org)
Date: Sat Jun 30 2001 - 13:16:51 CEST

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     1. Small stuff for the booth

        Please check if you have already scheduled to take adhesive tape,
        scissors, poster stripes, pens and similar office stuff with you
        in order to build up the booth. Also check if you have gotton
        enough power cables, power expanders, network cables and hubs.
        Please take the size of the booth into account. Taking some thick
        tape with you to fixate hubs and cables would be a good idea as

     2. Travelling in Stuttgart

        The best way to get from A to B in Stuttgart is probably by taking
        the subway (U) or the trolley-car (S).

        To get into the city, use U7 (the exhibition is a the end station,
        so you can't get the wrong one). To go back to the exhibition,
        the direction is "Messe/Killesberg".

        To get to the gym hall (called "Keltenschanze"), use the U7 to the
        main station, exchange into S1, S2 or S3 into direction

        Exhibition - Keltenschanze costs DM 3.70, it's cheaper to purchase
        poly-tickets (4 tickets in a row). You'll have to type 002 at the
        ticket box(two zones).

        More info: http://www.uni-stuttgart.de/faveve/linuxtag/faq.html

     3. Hacking Center

        I'm proud to be able to provide another general area which could
        be used to "collect random developers who would crowd the booth
        otherwise". This will be an open booth with only carpet, tables
        and chairs as well as power and network.

        If you don't want to crowd the booth and have a machine on which
        you would like to develop software during the booth, feel invited
        to move to 5.0.225. I haven't ordered power multipliers or hubs
        for this area, so please to take some of them with you.

        This area will be more open than your booths, there will be no
        side panels, only one on the back, to divide it from the other
        booths. This area is also meant for visitors to gather what
        developers are normally doing.

     4. Exhibition Network

        I would love to provide final information with regards to our
        exhibition network, however, unfortunately I haven't gotton any
        responses, so I'll better assume the worst case.

        As a result, I expect that there will only be very few switches
        used for the network. Thus I'd like to ask you to take your
        switches with you, so we can at least have a switched network in
        each pavillon (for 4 to 8 single booths), and not all inner-booth
        traffic is distributed through the entire network.

        In that case I also expect, that we will have enough addresses for
        all booth machines and notebooks. However, it will be a
        masqueraded network with only one official IP number. So if you
        want to use webcams etc., configure your VPN, IP-forwarding or
        copy pictures from the cam to a machine on the net via cron every
        five minutes (preferred).

        I hope that there will be a proxy so some of the traffic can be

     5. Network Security

        Please note that this network will be INSECURE AS HELL. There is
        no access control and even switches can quite easily be fooled.

        Thus please DO NOT use any non-encrypted transmission method that
        requires a password. This means:

        1. Do not use POP3 to fetch your mail
        2. Do not use IMAP to fetch your mail
        3. Never use telnet or rlogin to log in into another machine
        4. Do not use non-anonymous FTP to fetch or put files
        5. Do not use unencrypted UUCP over IP to the outside world
        6. Do NOT use a http-connection with a password if it isn't
           encrypted (i.e. https)

        Please use »ssh« to access other machines, both within the
        exhibition network as well as outside of the lan.

        To fetch your mail from a server outside of the network, use an
        ssh tunnel through which fetchmail or your mail client can access
        the mail server. A sample set up is here:


        If you have problems setting this up, please ask the others, the
        experts at the Linux Networking booth or drop by at the LinuxTag
        office and ask me.

        Please please respect these recommendations. It is NOT nice
        having to find out after the show that somebody else has misused
        your account.

     6. Exhibitors Passes

        I was told that we will need exhibitors passports this year.
        Let's find out if this is true. It is possible that you can't
        enter the exhibition area befor the show has opened without such a
        pass. Therefore, I have ordered 250 passes for all of you. You
        can get them by meeting me at the LinuxTag office at the
        exhibition (see below).

     7. Dresscode

        (yes, now comes the fun part nobody wants to hear about :))

        Please mind that the impression you're making on other people
        represents your project. A suit would give a professional look.
        However, T-shirts and plain Jeans are fine and appreciated as some
        people won't talk to you if you're in a suit - maybe - and you
        don't own a suit or you just don't like it. For the women
        (hopefully there will be more appearing and offering help on the
        booth) a dress is appreciated, at least a skirt and blouse (though
        that depends on the women's choice anyway, just making sure you
        look good should do the trick :)).

        (This text was written and inspired by Ralf Nolden from KDE.)

     8. LinuxTag Special Edition

        Another computer oriented newspaper has released a special
        exhibition journal within their regular issue. The current issue
        of Linux Enterprise contains a couple of pages, dedicated to the
        projects which will be demonstrated at LinuxTag, even logos are
        sorted properly.

     9. Social Event

        Some people have asked what the social event will be like. It is
        a way to meet other exhibitors and talk with them in a relaxed
        area. We have orderd the "Magic Mushrooms" who will play their
        famous OpenSource song. There will also be a buffet and something
        to drink, with and without alcohol. The social event will take
        place at the main entrance ("Eingang Süd") on friday evening,
        starting at 6.15pm. A regular ticket costs EUR30, for projects
        stuff we will provide a reduced fee: DM30. You can purchase the
        tickets directly from Dennis Daniel or at the LinuxTag office (see

    10. CD Burners

        It has been shown on last LinuxTag events that it could be useful
        to have cd burners around. A couple of booths will have one or
        more burners at their booth. So if you want to make copies of
        whatever, don't forget to take enough blank cds with you.

    11. Contacting Joey

        I'm going to travel to Stuttgart on monday morning. I won't be
        able to get to the net before tuesday and I probably won't have
        enough spare time to read and answer all mails. So if you want to
        tell me something or ask me anything, please hurry up and send
        your mail or irc message before sunday evening.

        In Stuttgart I'll be at the LinuxTag office at the lower floor of
        CCB, at the opposite side to the main entrance "Eingang Süd". The
        room id is XII. I expect that one or both of our office phone
        numbers in Kaiserslautern will be routed to the Stuttgart office
        during LinuxTag. However, this won't happen before tuesday. The
        numbers are 0631/3109371 and 0631/3109373. You can always drop a
        message there, which should reach me after some human and
        technical delay.

        Important: DO NOT USE MAIL if you have an urgent question or
        information for me. I won't be able to react in time. We've
        exercised this last year. Use the phone in that case, or send a
        fax (the number is 0631/3109372).



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