Re: Booth equipment for LinuxTag

From: Eduard Bloch (
Date: Sat Jun 30 2001 - 12:41:53 CEST

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    #include <hallo.h>
    Christian Kurz wrote on Sat Jun 30, 2001 um 12:25:38PM:

    > > and equipment. And evtl. another person helping him. The persons should
    > > be marked with a colored shawl. Or can anyone get yellow and blue rings,
    > > like the Spiess/UVD-Schlaufe by the german "Bundeswehr"?
    > Well, do you really think we need shifts? What you are here suggesting

    Do you know Murphys laws? With this lots of hardware we will need always
    anyone that keeps an eye on the stuff.

    > is that we have always one or two responsible persons for the booth. And
    > I agreed with that part too, but I don't think we'll need some badge to
    > mark those people. I not marked for being at the booth in the list from

    Okay, a special mark may be a bit exxagerated, but there should be

    > > I think, if a press guy ask someone, he should report the things that he
    > > can good report about, periodicaly commenting that we are a big
    > > community (but don't compare with a borg collective, please). For other
    > What is a borg collective? I have no clue about StarTrek, so would you
    > mind explaining that one?

    Complicated... A large community of cyborgs. They assimilate humans,
    implant lots of technical instruments into the bodies and neural
    connectors into their brains, so all of them are connected with each
    other and can profit from the knowledge of each other (making them very
    efficient) - but the personality is beeng disabled, the will of each
    other is controlled by the collective. Some ideas behind the stories of
    borg are quite cool, but the ST authors needed a new image of enemy for
    the new ST novells so they turned them into mad, civilisation destroying


    Ich glaube nicht, daß man dieses Stück in Software umgesetzte Scheiße über-
    haupt mieser machen kann, als es sowieso schon ist. Das dürfte das einzige
    Programm sein, das vom Verhalten und seinen Anwendern her schlimmer als XP
    auf einem Amiga ist. - Manuel Richardt in ueber Outlook Express

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