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From: Christian Kurz (
Date: Sat Jun 30 2001 - 10:27:23 CEST

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    On 01-06-29 Martin Schulze wrote:
    > Heh, I simply have to comment on this...

    Well, I can't resist once again. :)

    > Christian Kurz wrote:
    > > > > 5. The persons sitting on the 6 computer places are responsible for
    > > > > their place they're at. You need to keep an eye on your mousepad and
    > > > > most importantly any wireless hardware such as mice and keyboards, also
    > > [...]
    > > > > which can hand that over to the next person for the following day so we
    > > > > can assure all machines can actually be used :)

    > > That's also a good idea. Will we have a generic login called "linuxtag"
    > > or "debian" on the machines?

    > Should be.

    And don't forget that we need apt-get available via sudo on some
    machines to show the people how apt-get works. ;)

    > > > > b) Friday Evening, Social Event: for those who are going there, we'll
    > > > > get free entrance tickets. We'll share them before we join the event.
    > > > > Please don't bug the one responsible at the booth *before* 6pm for your
    > > > > ticket. They'll be given out when everything else is done, the booth
    > > > > cleaned up. *Everyone* gets a card, so please don't turn crazy like
    > > > > we're selling Madonna concert tickets :)

    > > Okay, I'll think this one is handled different.

    > Yes. Either somebody is collecting money and names to get the tickets from
    > me or anybody who is interested in attending this years social event drops
    > by at the office and purchases a ticket from me or my collegues.

    Well, since I'll arrive on Friday morning, I'll think I directly go to
    the office first. (I don't really want to miss the social event. ;)

    > > > > kind. Remember we have a women's group that will be present at the booth

    > > And we have no woman at our booth. ;(

    > Which doesn't have to be true. :-)

    Aehm, I didn't meant visitors, but female developers, which there are
    currently not very much working on debian.

    > Well, I could make it true if I pester the woman to work for me all the
    > time...

    He. ;)

    > > > > d) Everyone *NOT* on the booth service list for given timeframes but KDE
    > > > > participant at LinuxTag:
    > > > > The explicit right is hereby given to the person responsible at the
    > > > > booth for his shift, to kick out any and all KDE developers that are NOT
    > > > > having booth service during the shift. There will be no discussion about

    > > That's in my opinion not a very good idea for our booth. I'll would
    > > never kick one out of the booth. We'll should suggest some developers to
    > > leave the booth and go around if too many developers are at the booth,
    > > but I still hope that this won't happen.

    > I'd say, please go ahead. :-) I have prepared another booth to collect

    I'll planned to be sometimes at the booth and help me bit, if that's
    needed or some people like it. But the rest of the time, I want to visit
    some lectures and visit other booths to inform myself. :)

    > random developers. Sound cool? Will be cooler. It's a special hacking
    > center with tables, chairs, power and net.connectivity. It's designed
    > especially for those with a laptop who don't have booth service and would
    > like to code. It's open, so expect visitors around you.

    So you expect all developers to have a laptop? I hope not, because for
    example I don't have one and currently I'm very happy about this. More
    free time for other issues, which are not computer-related.


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