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Date: Sat Jun 30 2001 - 11:28:23 CEST

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    #include <hallo.h>
    Martin Schulze wrote on Sat Jun 30, 2001 um 09:56:22AM:

    > . Tesafilm

    Ich bringe eine Rolle "Panzertape", ca. 5cm breit.

    > . Schere

    Schon eingepackt.

    > . Hubs
    > . TP-Kabel, unterschiedliche Längen

    Ein 5er 10/100-Hub, ein TP-Kabel (ca. 10m).

    > . Mehrfachsteckdosen

    Vorschlag: Jeder für seinen Rechner+Monitor+eine frei lassen.

    > . water heater


    > . cups

    Nicht ganz, aber Plastikbecher, 50St., schon eingepackt.

    BTW: The proposal with shifts is not wrong. There should allways be at
    least one person that looks for the boot, especially for the hardware
    and equipment. And evtl. another person helping him. The persons should
    be marked with a colored shawl. Or can anyone get yellow and blue rings,
    like the Spiess/UVD-Schlaufe by the german "Bundeswehr"?

    > If somebody "official" or a "press guy" comes around and you don't
    > feel like fitting his needs or know the right answers, feel free to
    > contact me at the LinuxTag office, Bluehorn knows my mobile number as
    > well.

    I think, if a press guy ask someone, he should report the things that he
    can good report about, periodicaly commenting that we are a big
    community (but don't compare with a borg collective, please). For other
    questions, the person should be refered to an another competent
    developer, etc.


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