Booth equipment for LinuxTag

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Date: Sat Jun 30 2001 - 09:56:22 CEST

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    Booth equipment

    [Sorry, jetzt auf Deutsch, bin zu faul, für alles Fachbegriffe

    Kümmert sich jemand um:

      . Tesafilm
      . Schere
      . Hubs
      . TP-Kabel, unterschiedliche Längen
      . zusätzlich auch noch BNC für die HPPA- und MIPSel-Rechner
      . farbiger Karton für Schilder für die Rechner
      . Drucker
      . Poster
      . Mehrfachsteckdosen
      . Verlängerungskabel
      . Stoff zum Schutz der Tische (Papier, Pappe, Stoff, Tischdecke, Plastik)

    Not sure if you want that:
     . coffee machine
     . water heater
     . tea pot
     . cups

    I will carry lots of Debian flyers to the exhibition. I want you to
    give out at least one flyer whenever you give out one CD. Last year,
    all CDs were given away but after the show I had to carry about all
    flyers with me, that's dissapointing.

    Think about this: Do we accept business cards? If so why? What are
    we going to do with them? Start a nice fire? Use them for building
    paper houses? Or anything? Personally, I'd rather point people to
    our mailing lists, write them an URL for the announce ML on a flyer so
    they can subscribe etc.

    If somebody "official" or a "press guy" comes around and you don't
    feel like fitting his needs or know the right answers, feel free to
    contact me at the LinuxTag office, Bluehorn knows my mobile number as



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