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From: Oliver M . Bolzer (
Date: Sat Jun 30 2001 - 08:02:37 CEST

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    On Fri, Jun 29, 2001 at 01:38:06PM +0200, Martin Schulze <> wrote...
    > Hardware at the booth
    > MIPS - OliB
    > We don't have
    > MIPSEL - I could take a mipsel box with me, but I'm not sure if the
    > nfsroot thing is usable atm, and it doesn't have a
    > monitor, it's just the trunc

    The PlayStation2 really isn't either of them. It's called mipsEEel, EE for
    EmotionEngine, their CPU. It's almost identical to mipsel but will not
    currently run mipsel binaries because the CPU lacks a couple of instructions.
    There is somebody working to add emulation of them into the kernel, once
    that's finished it will run standard mipsel binaries.

    Beware, there are currently only 2000 beta units in circulation ans AFAIK
    this will be the first one publicly shown in Europe. This should be a real
    eyecatcher. Also I only receive my unit on Wednesday (a friend attending
    Linuxta gcarries it here). Let's see how fast we can get it up and running
    showing some demos. Initially it will be running some RPM-based distro.
    Most thing should simple compile on it so let's see if we can create at
    least a chroot Debian during Linuxtag.

    There's only two problems

    1) I don't know how much power the thing eats. My 100V/230V trans only
       delivers 80Ws. It might not be able to cope with the PlayStation2
       and the Dreamcast at the same time. When I play a complex DVD long
       enough on the PlayStation2 (computationaly intesive) the trans has
       shut it self down because of overheating. Might happen too, if we
       compile/run to much on it.
       Can anybody bring an extra 230V -> 100V trans ? Not the kind for hair
       dryers the just half the voltage but the better ones that output
        real 100V.

    2) I will be leaving on Friday morning because of a lecture I have to give
       at the university and a good friend's marriage. I need somebody who's
       willing to guard the thing with his/her life during the weekend. If
       anything is missing afterwards, I need some heads to chop off :-)
       On Monday there's a meeting of Debian Developers living Munich and
       I hope to arrange safe transportation back to Munich for my equipment.

    See ya all next week.

    	Oliver M. Bolzer

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