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Date: Sat Jun 30 2001 - 01:26:42 CEST

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    >>>>> "Martin" == Martin Schulze <> writes:

    And I'll add my 2 eurocent (or is it euro-cent?):

        Martin> I have prepared another booth to collect random
        Martin> developers. Sound cool? Will be cooler. It's a special
        Martin> hacking center with tables, chairs, power and
        Martin> net.connectivity. It's designed especially for those with
        Martin> a laptop who don't have booth service and would like to
        Martin> code. It's open, so expect visitors around you.

    That's... well, cool. No, cooler. Naahhh... anyone remember that bit
    from linux-kernel (read it on LWN) about how it's possible to reach
    negative Kelvin "temperatures"? That's how cool this is.

    As the KDE guy says: all users can be turned into developers (and I
    recall after LinuxTag 99 someone wrote that after Matthias' lecture
    (about why people write Free Software) someone saying this made her
    want to try it too. Never forgot that.).

    >> > > We provide a hacking area (or, if not in the Expo hall, the
    >> > > RedHat labs in Stuttgart, 10 minutes away) for you to

    >> Hm, do we also get such hacking area? ;)

        Martin> See above. :-)

        Martin> You could ask RedHat if they want to provide a Hacking
        Martin> Area for Debian as well, might be fun.

    Weeeeell... they might even be cool with that >:-) (Naw, I'm too timid
    to ask...)

    Bye, J

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