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From: Christian Kurz (
Date: Fri Jun 29 2001 - 23:33:17 CEST

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    On 01-06-29 Martin Schulze wrote:
    > This is what one of the main coordinators of another booth told his
    > collegues. Since it has some good ideas, I'm quoting his mail entirely.

    And I like to comment them a bit altough some people would prefer if
    I shut up and disappear forever. ;)

    > Ralf Nolden wrote:
    > > 1. Shifts are 9am-1:30pm and 1:30pm-6pm. A bit long for some people, but
    > > makes it easier for all as you can concentrate on your hacking
    > > activities for the rest of your KDE LinuxTag participation.

    Well, I don't think we really need such a shift, but ...

    > > 2. Per shift there is one of us responsible for the booth (marked with
    > > red). Turn to that person on questions for organizational stuff,
    > > whatever, and most importantly preventing a panic from the users when
    > > they get KDE 2.2, KOffice 1.1 and KDevelop 2.0 presented and want to
    > > steal your machine. (those are usually Torsten, Eva and myself for the
    > > whole day, but just *one* of us as marked)

    ... having always one responsible person would be great.

    > > 3. Per afternoon shift there is one responsible for the cleanup in the
    > > evening. On sunday, Torsten, Eva and I will take care of that plus Niko
    > > plastic bag and set it in front of the booth (if everyone sticked with
    > > the rule to put his own trash into the plastic bag of course:) so the
    > > cleaning service can pick that up.

    Yes, that's very important. Always show the visitors a nice clean well
    organized booth. :)

    > > 5. The persons sitting on the 6 computer places are responsible for
    > > their place they're at. You need to keep an eye on your mousepad and
    > > most importantly any wireless hardware such as mice and keyboards, also
    > > which can hand that over to the next person for the following day so we
    > > can assure all machines can actually be used :)

    That's also a good idea. Will we have a generic login called "linuxtag"
    or "debian" on the machines?

    > > b) Friday Evening, Social Event: for those who are going there, we'll
    > > get free entrance tickets. We'll share them before we join the event.
    > > Please don't bug the one responsible at the booth *before* 6pm for your
    > > ticket. They'll be given out when everything else is done, the booth
    > > cleaned up. *Everyone* gets a card, so please don't turn crazy like
    > > we're selling Madonna concert tickets :)

    Okay, I'll think this one is handled different.

    > > Your default setup, especially your background wallpaper, should be the
    > > new default_blue.jpg wallpaper, NOT any nude pictures or women of any

    Hehe, I'll think we'll use as usual the debian logo background. :)

    > > kind. Remember we have a women's group that will be present at the booth

    And we have no woman at our booth. ;(

    > > d) Everyone *NOT* on the booth service list for given timeframes but KDE
    > > participant at LinuxTag:
    > > The explicit right is hereby given to the person responsible at the
    > > booth for his shift, to kick out any and all KDE developers that are NOT
    > > having booth service during the shift. There will be no discussion about

    That's in my opinion not a very good idea for our booth. I'll would
    never kick one out of the booth. We'll should suggest some developers to
    leave the booth and go around if too many developers are at the booth,
    but I still hope that this won't happen.

    > > it as you can think of 40 developers overcrowding the booth and turning
    > > everything into a mess. We provide a hacking area (or, if not in the
    > > Expo hall, the RedHat labs in Stuttgart, 10 minutes away) for you to

    Hm, do we also get such hacking area? ;)

    > > developers present at the booth, but otherwise we'll end like last year
    > > with not enough space for the visitors wanting to have information and
    > > the ones actually doing the service can't do their job as good as they
    > > could.

    Sounds like the debian booth last year. (From my point of view)

    > > e) Dresscode: (yes, now comes the fun part nobody wants to hear about
    > > :))
    > > For those at the booth doing booth service, a suit, at least a clean
    > > Jeans and a Jacket with a shirt and tie, are recommended, but not

    Well, that's a nice suggestion, but a tie is in my opinion not really
    needed. I'll take my jacket with me as always, but I'm not sure if I'll
    really wear it.

    > > on the women's choice anyway, just making sure you look good should do
    > > the trick :)).

    Fine conclusion.


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