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Date: Fri Jun 29 2001 - 18:24:04 CEST

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    This is what one of the main coordinators of another booth told his
    collegues. Since it has some good ideas, I'm quoting his mail entirely.



    Ralf Nolden wrote:
    > Hi there,
    > Linuxtag will start next wednesday for those who prepare the booth, for
    > others on thursday when the first offical day is.
    > In this document, I want to provide you with the information you need as
    > a participant of the KDE crowd which is over 40 people at LinuxTag.
    > Therefore to guarantee a LinuxTag with much less problems than running
    > that unorganized, the following information should be regarded, read
    > carefully and answered if you have questions. It's not too restrictive
    > but gives the things that I think are necessary to cause the minimum
    > amount of work possible (see that as preventing work duplication efforts
    > compared to code duplication efforts).
    > a) Booth service:
    > Disclaimer: I hope I don't annoy those who say an attatchment should be
    > placed anywhere on the web, please excuse me for that ksp file.
    > In the attatched kspread file you'll find all the general information
    > you need for the booth schedule. Details:
    > 1. Shifts are 9am-1:30pm and 1:30pm-6pm. A bit long for some people, but
    > makes it easier for all as you can concentrate on your hacking
    > activities for the rest of your KDE LinuxTag participation.
    > 2. Per shift there is one of us responsible for the booth (marked with
    > red). Turn to that person on questions for organizational stuff,
    > whatever, and most importantly preventing a panic from the users when
    > they get KDE 2.2, KOffice 1.1 and KDevelop 2.0 presented and want to
    > steal your machine. (those are usually Torsten, Eva and myself for the
    > whole day, but just *one* of us as marked)
    > 3. Per afternoon shift there is one responsible for the cleanup in the
    > evening. On sunday, Torsten, Eva and I will take care of that plus Niko
    > and Danimo so we leave LinuxTag with the best impression of the KDE Team
    > - a clean booth. During the week, the main work is just to grab the
    > plastic bag and set it in front of the booth (if everyone sticked with
    > the rule to put his own trash into the plastic bag of course:) so the
    > cleaning service can pick that up.
    > 4. Changing shifts: if you want to change a shift with somebody, drop me
    > a mail with whom and when. This may be needed in case you want to attend
    > a talk that you think is interesting for you to further enhance your KDE
    > code by gathering more knowledge :))
    > 5. The persons sitting on the 6 computer places are responsible for
    > their place they're at. You need to keep an eye on your mousepad and
    > most importantly any wireless hardware such as mice and keyboards, also
    > iPaq's, handhelds and Laptops for demo. Don't leave your place without
    > notifying the one responsible for the booth during your shift. In case
    > you're longer away than a couple of minutes (say for a talk), please
    > provide another developer taking over your place during that time. The
    > root password and the user password for your demo user (usually that is
    > just "kde" or "linuxtag") should be given to the next developer that is
    > on the machine. Preferrably given to the one responsible for the day
    > which can hand that over to the next person for the following day so we
    > can assure all machines can actually be used :)
    > b) Friday Evening, Social Event: for those who are going there, we'll
    > get free entrance tickets. We'll share them before we join the event.
    > Please don't bug the one responsible at the booth *before* 6pm for your
    > ticket. They'll be given out when everything else is done, the booth
    > cleaned up. *Everyone* gets a card, so please don't turn crazy like
    > we're selling Madonna concert tickets :)
    > c) Software on the demo machines: Advised are KDE 2.2 beta, KOffice 1.1
    > beta 3, KDevelop 2.0 beta (or current CVS). Additionally, applications
    > such as ktouch for learning purpose demo, other KDE utilities to be
    > found at should be regarded in case you'll get asked for
    > the one or the other application functionality. Especially Cervisia is
    > advised; if the kpart for konqueror can be provided until the end of the
    > week for demo, the better.
    > Your default setup, especially your background wallpaper, should be the
    > new default_blue.jpg wallpaper, NOT any nude pictures or women of any
    > kind. Remember we have a women's group that will be present at the booth
    > and showing off your personally preferred background image may 1.offend
    > the KDE women, 2. offend women who want to have a demo of KDE and
    > questions answered. Also, a CVS copy should be on some machines to allow
    > "Live Hacking" if users may come up with nice, easy to implement
    > features that can be done at the booth and checked into CVS. We'll also
    > try to organize some paper and pens so you can take notes on user
    > whishes and good ideas for later implementation, especially if the
    > wished feature cannot fit into the current KDE 2.2 release plan.
    > d) Everyone *NOT* on the booth service list for given timeframes but KDE
    > participant at LinuxTag:
    > The explicit right is hereby given to the person responsible at the
    > booth for his shift, to kick out any and all KDE developers that are NOT
    > having booth service during the shift. There will be no discussion about
    > it as you can think of 40 developers overcrowding the booth and turning
    > everything into a mess. We provide a hacking area (or, if not in the
    > Expo hall, the RedHat labs in Stuttgart, 10 minutes away) for you to
    > stay at. There you can hack, share information and meet other developers
    > you want to work with and fix either KDE 2.2 issues, do new stuff or
    > whatever. Please don't be angry if we have to restrict the number of KDE
    > developers present at the booth, but otherwise we'll end like last year
    > with not enough space for the visitors wanting to have information and
    > the ones actually doing the service can't do their job as good as they
    > could.
    > e) Dresscode: (yes, now comes the fun part nobody wants to hear about
    > :))
    > For those at the booth doing booth service, a suit, at least a clean
    > Jeans and a Jacket with a shirt and tie, are recommended, but not
    > mandatory. Mind that the impression you're making on other people
    > represents KDE. However, T-shirts and plain Jeans are allowed and
    > appreciated as some people won't talk to you if you're in a suit - maybe
    > - and you don't own a suit or you just don't like it. For the women
    > (hopefully there will be more appearing and offering help on the booth)
    > a dress is appreciated, at least a skirt and blouse (though that depends
    > on the women's choice anyway, just making sure you look good should do
    > the trick :)).
    > Finally, some words about motivation:
    > a) You're highly motivated - everyone in KDE currently is, no doubt
    > about it. If you're not, talk to other developers sharing their
    > motivation with you :)
    > b) *Share* your motivation. You're at LinuxTag not only for having a fun
    > time with the ones you already know online or in real life, but also to
    > motivate possible new developers. Although only 1 of 5 will come up
    > later and do something, talking people into participation is important
    > and many just need a good start by the friendly and motivating attitude
    > that you have (I repeat myself: All users can be turned into
    > developers).
    > c) Questions about GNOME and KDE relations: (telling this in case you
    > don't know) We have a good relationship and even collaboration on
    > various parts, may it be the implementation of desktop standards like
    > the .desktop files, the WM specs, developer meetings (such as KDE's
    > participation at GUADEC II this spring in Copenhagen, Denmark) and the
    > file format import filters for Office applications.
    > That's it. Mail me if you have further questions that need to be
    > addressed. I remember you to drop Eva ( a mail immediately
    > if you need dinner (except for the social event evening friday) ! We
    > need to give the number of needed meals to the LinuxTag organization
    > ASAP so we don't have 20 of us having dinner for free while 20 others
    > need to go to a restaurant!
    > Thanks and happy Linuxtag. See you on the booth next week ! Thanks also
    > to all who are coming for your participation, engagement and work as
    > well as the organizators of both LinuxTag, Joey and the KDE developers
    > organizing and running the event.
    > Ralf
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