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From: Martin Schulze (joey@linuxtag.org)
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 01:14:47 CEST

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     1. Supplies finally assigned

        Equipment for all booths is ordered now. I've sent out the final
        list. Thanks for all of you who have used hours to design your
        booth. I hope it was not too frustrating. Consider it not only
        as experience but also as challenge. Isn't that what makes
        lifetime interesting?

     2. Stuff for the booth

        Please don't forget power extension cables and power multipliers.
        This could lead into trouble especially for larger booths, since
        there will only be one "official" power connector per booth, which
        will power the entire booth.

        The same applies for UTP cables, hubs and switches. Current plans
        for the network are completely beyond my control and interference
        at the moment. Thus you'd better expect the worst situation.
        That is: one tp port per booth and you'd have to expand it using
        your own hubs and switches.

     3. Setting up the booth

        Your projects booth can be set up on Tuesday or Wednesday from 7am
        to 8pm. It should be readily set up on Thursday morning. You
        normally won't be able to drive into the exhibition hall by car,
        though. If available, take all your trolleys and similar vehicles
        with you if you don't want to carry your stuff by hand. See
        Infomail #5 for details on how to get into the hall by car anyway.

     4. Wavelan

        We are not going to provide an official wavelan during the show.
        However, since I know that several of you own proper equipment,
        you may use it at your own risk/control.

     5. Showtime

        Here's the official schedule:

        Thursday 9am - 6pm
        Friday 9am - 6pm
        Saturday 9am - 6pm
        Sunday 9am - 4pm

        During this time, at least one person should be present at your
        booth. Otherwise it would look very poor if only non-commercial
        booths would be empty and orphaned.

     6. Dinner at Nili's (near gymn hall)

        This is a quick update for those of you who will enjoy the dinner
        at Nili, near the gymn hall. This is not a restaurant, the dinner
        will be self-cooked. They normally cook for some twenty people,
        not for fourty, so this will be some new experience. Since dinner
        has to be prepared, it would be helpful if a couple of people
        would help them prepare dinner and clean up things afterwards.
        Here are some additional information

        18:00 - LinuxTag closes
        20:00 - Cooking at Nili's starts
        21:00 - Dinner at Nili's
        22:00 - Opening the gym hall

        If you plan to stay at the gym hall, please don't forget to take
        your sleeping bag with you.

     7. Parking at the show

        In Stuttgart it is usually wise not to go by car but use the
        subway. U7 ends directly below the exhibition center, so if you
        don't have to carry stuff, you'd be advised to use the subway. If
        you plan to go this way several times, check out if you can use
        poly-tickets since they're cheaper than a couple of single

        Parking at the exhibition center costs DM 6 per day. However,
        there are a couple of cost-free places directly at the street,
        maybe you should walk around to discover them.

     8. Videos

        Displaying videos in general is a problem since it is public
        distribution which is normally prohibited by their specific EULA.
        Here's a hint from one of my collegues. Trailers should not be a
        problem since they are intended to be viewed by anybody in the
        hope to get people into the cinema. However, even movie trailers
        that were placed on the web normally have this distribution-
        limitation. If there should arise problems, bounce those people
        to Michael Kleinhenz at the LinuxTag office. Another hint would
        be to download the trailers online by visiting a webpage, this
        cannot be misuse...

        Some trailers with ultra-cool-factor (ubercool?): Final Fantasy,
        Monstaers Inc., Lord of the Rings - and the Matrix, of course.

     9. LinuxTag Posters

        Our current plan is to print some LinuxTag 2002 preview posters.
        If you would like to get one please visit us at the LinuxTag
        office in time. I'm not sure how many of them will be printed and
        what they're going to look like, but since I know the guy who's
        designing them, they're probably cool.

    10. Correction to Infomail #7

        The EU talk will take place on sunday, not on saturday. Looks
        like I wasn't awake anymore when I typed the last mail.

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