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From: Martin Schulze (joey@linuxtag.org)
Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 02:34:33 CEST

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     1. A big thank you

        I really have to thank you. Some projects reacted quite fast
        wrt. selecting supplies for the booth and even sent in a simple
        picture of the booth, so I know how to order the stuff and where
        to put it. I haven't expected to receive small graphics, but they
        are *very* helpful.

        Since I forgot to attach the list of supplies in my last mail, mea
        culpa, not everybody was able to check it out. However, I've
        contacted all coordinators later (I hope). If you are interested,
        please find the list of supplies here:


        If you want to take a look at what booths did look like last year,
        I have waded through some 600MB of pictures of which I have
        selected about a dozen that showed the exhibition. Please find
        some pictures at http://hydra.linuxtag.uni-kl.de/~joey/LT2k/

        Some booths haven't made reservations yet, please contact me asap.

     2. Exhibition Map

        It took a while before I was able to provide the entire map of the
        exhibition, since working on a graphic desktop slows down my
        efficiency quite drastic. But I've managed to convert it into a
        usable format and was even able to add colour to the coordinates
        where our projects pavillons will be. Please find the map here:


     3. Power connectors

        There will be a power connector for each booth. However, since
        the booths are quite large, it's best if you would take as many
        power multipliers and prolonguing cables (sp?) with you as you

     4. Support through the EU

        The European Union (or some of their departments respectively)
        support Free Software. One of their staff, Peter Ritzmann, will
        attend LinuxTag and will provide information about this program.
        Peter will give a talk covering this on Saturday at 11am in one of
        our workshop rooms. The abstract to his talk contains some more
        information. Please find it as link on the workshop page:


        (I would provide an exact url to the abstract but the url may change.)

     5. Linux-Computing - LinuxTag special edititon

        There is a special LinuxTag Magazine produced by the guys from
        Linux-Computing. It will be distributed directly at LinuxTag and
        is also included in their current issue. This is one of two
        special editions of magazines where your projects mentioned.
        You'll find most of the projects which will attend the LinuxTag
        exhibition inside.

     6. GigE

        There is a fair chance that we will be able to play with some
        Gigabit Ethernet devices. If so, this will happen between the
        booth of BSD, Rocklinux or Linux-Porting. At least, I've heard
        rumours from these projects that they could have some devices
        handy eventually. All three were placed in 5.0.310 for this
        reason. So if you have a chance to get equipment for this, it
        would be mondo cool if there would be some GigE path between some
        projects (no commercial vendors plan to demonstrate this, as far
        as I know).

     7. Garbage and other junk

        I will add at least one dustbin to every booth which is larger
        than one computer desk. The plan is to place some plastic bags in
        the storerooms. It would be kind of you if you could empty the
        dustbins in the evenings and fill up the bags. Filled up bags are
        placed on the floor so the cleaning team can fetch them.

        PLEASE help me to clean up the booths garbage-wise on the last day
        at least. There was quite some trouble due to all the garbage
        floating around last year.

     8. Network

        I noticed that I haven't mentioned it before, but there will be an
        exhibition network which we will provide. Last year we were able
        to provide an official IP address for every attached device. Even
        though I expect this to be the same this year, I'm not sure. It's
        still possible that we will use masquerading to get out of the

        This is one reason why I've asked you to tell me the amount of
        computers that you will use at the booth, so I can make a
        calculation of required ip addresses. Please be warned that it is
        possible that you'll have to distribute the network in your booth
        on your own. So better take all hubs and network cables with you
        that you can get.

        The whole network was built using hubs last year. Most of you
        will already throw your hands up in horror about this. Well, I
        hope that we will have switches this year, although I've heard
        that somebody already planed hubs again. *sigh* We're working on

        If you can provide a switch for the pavillon your booth is located
        in, I would be quite happy. In case we should have switches for
        the global network, you can still use the switch on your own

     9. Mobile phones

        I'm not sure how good they are reachable in the exhibition hall.
        We've had some trouble last year since some walls contain iron
        which lead into a faraday's cage, so mobilie phone radiation was
        blocked in some edges. So better don't expect 100% working phones
        in the exhibition hall.

        Anyway, if you believe that you're important enough and want me
        know your phone nr, drop me a line. I'll place a list of these
        numbers in the LinuxTag office at the exhibition, in case one of
        us wants to reach you - and no faraday's cage is prohibiting this.

    10. Camera and Video

        Last year a couple of people took pictures of the exhibition and
        talks. If you a going to take pictures as well, I would love to
        receive URL so we can use the pictures and direct people to the
        URLs if they want to get a view of LinuxTag 2001. Personally, I'd
        like to have some pictures of the projects pavillons as

        We've already entered the age of multimedia and entertainment.
        However demoing a dvd or video is a problem since this is public
        distribution which is not allowed normally. This leads into the
        problem that it is difficult to find legal source for any xanim,
        xine or other player, the same applies for BTTV thingies. To be
        able to bypass this problem next year, I'd like to invite you to
        use a video camera and record views of LinuxTag.



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