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From: Martin Schulze (joey@linuxtag.org)
Date: Fri Jun 22 2001 - 01:10:34 CEST

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     1. Assigning booths

        I've finally managed to assign space to all booths, in the hope
        that I took care of all space requirements. Please find the
        current map of all projects at the following URL. There will be
        six different pavillons, hosting two or more projects. To give
        you a better view of the size of each booth, I've added dots to
        the graphic. The distance between two dots is one meter.

        When I've written "booth" expect another booth on that side.
        When I've written "wall" expect a wall on that side.
        Also expect a wall to be between two booths, except where I
        haven't placed a line (i.e. between Gnome and GIMP and between JLA
        and the booths in 5.0.434.1. The other sides of the booth should
        be open.


        Note: Some people already knew this url, some things have changed
        since you last viewed it.

     2. Storerooms

        There are three storerooms which are dedicated to all projects.
        These areas don't have dots, so you should be able to detect them
        easily. Please use them to store your stuff like bags, coats,
        superflous shoes and computers etc. so the booth will look

        They can be entered through these booths: Debian, Linux-Audio and
        Linux User Groups. The doors will have locks so they can be
        locked during the night. One of the booth staff will get the key.

     3. Supplies for the booth

        This year I've got a little bit more time before equipment has to
        be ordered. Unfortunately I've used the time to assign the booth
        and now there is not much time left. (Note to self: next year
        pester officials about deadlines much more).

        However, I've created a list of possible equipment that we can use
        for the booth. Please pick up the things that you would like to
        use at the booth. And, sorry, please hurry up with selecting

        Please be careful with ordering tables, there should not be more
        tables than there is space at the walls in the booth. I've added
        size information to all supplies, if I was able to discover them.

     4. Arrival via plane

        We will have a shuttle service between the exhibition and the
        airport on the 4th and 5th of July and on the 8th and 9th. If you
        want to be picked up from the airport or taken to it, please tell
        me your flight details (date+time of arrival, flight nr, next/last
        airport) and I'll add you to my list.

     5. Arrival via train

        If you will arrive by train, take the subway U7 driving into
        direction "Messe/Killesberg". The last station is Stuttgart Fair
        where you should be able to get into the exhibition area.

     6. Computers on tables

        Last year we ran into big trouble after the show when the company
        came to pick up their tables. They had to find out that most of
        them were scratched.

        While I don't want to instruct you how to set up the booth I'd
        like to urge you to use table cloths ("Tischdecken"), cardboards
        or some plastic stuff between metal stuff and the tables. Apart
        from keeping tables unscratched table cloths would make the booth
        look little more professional and hide whatever you place below
        the tables.

     7. Social Event

        We will have a social event to which all exhibitors are invited to
        attend. Those of you who knew last year's social event may be a
        little bit surprised, since it will be different. Enjoy it.

        It has been acknowledged that we will get a special price of DM 30
        (instead of EUR 30). The tickets can be purchased during the
        exhibition and the days before by Dennis Daniel at the LinuxTag
        office. It's possible that he's going walk around the exhibition
        and visit the pavillons. He did that last year, only to confuse
        my plans, I'm pretty sure.

        You will be granted the reduced fee if your name is listed on the
        list of staff for the Projects Pavillons or he is able to draw a
        line between you and a known project. Thus it's much more secure
        if your name is on the list. Thus the best way is to tell me who
        will staff the booth, if you haven't done already.

        The Social Event will take place on Friday at 18.15 at the lobby
        at entrance south. There will be something to eat, to drink and a
        band, and maybe something surprising. :)

     8. Accommodation

        For those of you who will stay at the gym hall, the FaVeVe folks
        have compiled some questions and answers (only in German, sorry,
        bug them, not me) regarding the accommodati at Nili's. More at:




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