Re: Comments on CD images v4 (was Re: new CD images (II))

From: Eduard Bloch (
Date: Wed Jun 20 2001 - 20:25:33 CEST

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    #include <hallo.h>
    Michael Bramer wrote on Wed Jun 20, 2001 um 03:06:50PM:

    > > Blackdown-Java installiert ist, weil der CLASSPATH erweitert werden
    > > muss. Ich habe es schon gemeldet, die nächste Version ist hoffentlich
    > > korrekt. Wenn du es dringend brauchst, kann ich die Version mit
    > > Korrektur neuverpacken.
    > ok, habe ich jetzt. Wenn du was eigenes Bauen möchtest, mach es und
    > sende mir eine URL...

    I tested the woody from Kitame and 0.0.20010619.06.trunk packages did
    work quite qood in our woody environment(*). The one thing I don't like is
    the lacking Java support. This could be provided by additional j2re1.3
    package from (contras: non-free, non-official (not yet) and
    13.5MB size). Does anybody wish to have it on the CD? If we decide to
    include j2re1.3, there must be a dummy (I created one with equivs) that
    provides "gsfonts-x11" since gsfonts-x11 has been removed from woody
    some weeks ago.

    BTW: If you get zip-crypt from unstable, care about the content! The
    new zip package in unstable has the crypt support (and has been moved to
    non-US), and the new "zip-crypt" is a dummy package and does only depend
    on the new version of "zip".

    (*) The one bug can be only reproduced if you call sites in a special
    order, IMHO not important enough to rebuild the whole package.


    > Zum Unlesbarmachen kann man auch cdrecord blank=full auf eine CD-R
    > anwenden ;-)
    aber doch wohl nur in /dev/mikrowelle oder? :-)
                      Andreas 'Knv' Kanev in

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