Re: "professional" debian booths (was: Re: booth planning LinuxTag)

From: Michael Meskes (
Date: Wed Jun 20 2001 - 18:12:31 CEST

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    On Wed, Jun 20, 2001 at 05:20:46PM +0200, Alexander Reelsen wrote:
    > Are you serious? This is gonna be a Open Source/Free Software pavillon

    Yes, in that I say it's a good idea.

    > (choose whatever you like) booth and not Uncle Sam's army show... :)

    Na, I don't think it would be a good idea to force this. You're right, after
    all noone here is making money by working for Debian.

    But think about it, if everyone's wearing the same T-Shirt it's very easy to
    see who is doing booth duty. This makes it much easier for visitors.

    Please note, that I did not say we have to do that, but rather that I like
    the idea.

    > The best would be to like yourself and not like someone you should look to

    It depends on what you want to archive with the show. If the idea is to just
    have a good time, I'm completely with you. If the idea is carrying Debian or
    even GNU/Linux as an OS to more people I disagree.

    Not that I like it that way, but the Germans are pretty conservative.

    > others to. This is no professional advertising, but free one.

    Yes, but the professional advertisers do know a lot about how to do
    advertising, we don't. So why not taking some of their ideas? Companies
    strive for a corporate design for a reason. After all we do have a logo.

    > The problem was the amount of people rather than their t-shirts I presume.

    Neither. The problem IMO was the highly technical insider stuff discussed.
    No visitor is interested in working his way through such a discussion just
    to find someone to talk to. These people are not used to open source
    projects but to professional trade shows. Their thinking probably is (my
    experience): "Hey, if they don't want to talk with me, so be it. I leave
    them alone and keep doing what I did before."

    > Furthermore I don't think visitors think of debian people as daemons when

    Depends on which people you mean. I've seen quite a lot of people pass by
    like a daemon on other booths too. Just imagine you are getting your first
    look into open source after using proprietary stuff throughout the years.
    Which booth would attract you, SuSe or Debian?

    > IMHO a completely wrong approach, but that really depends on the point of

    Maybe our goals are completely different.

    > view (I don't have that much real business experience, it might come from
    > that. I'm used to such a "professionalism").

    Sorry I don't understand that sentence.


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