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Date: Wed Jun 20 2001 - 13:32:39 CEST

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    Yesterday I decided to go to the LinuxTag and supply some Hardware to
    the booth.

    Ill take the following stuff with me:

       * Old (and loud) Apple Quadra 950 (m68040, 40Mhz)
       * Not that old PowerMac 8200 (ppc601, 120 Mhz)
       * ia32 with TV Card
       * 19" Monitor.
       * (Maybe an old DECstation from a friend...)

    All are allready running Debian sid (except for the monitor).

    Is it possible that we get monitors from somewhere else?

    Will we have an internet connection? Im asking because Im thinking
    about the possible demos we could run. I should be able to install some
    nice webbrowser on the m68k -- or we just use it as an x-terminal.

    What else can we show on them - except an empty debian desktop?

    I will arrive on Wednesday - Im not sure when, but I can help with
    whatever has to be done. Ill try to be there as early as I can.

    Do I need some special papers to get my hardware into the halls?

              - -- Alain -- -

    Microsoft SELLS you Windows, Linux GIVES you the whole house.
    					-- Rogier Wolff

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