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From: Michael Meskes (
Date: Wed Jun 20 2001 - 08:19:53 CEST

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    On Wed, Jun 20, 2001 at 02:29:10AM +0200, "Jürgen A. Erhard" wrote:
    > Debian is *not* a company (even if some people have vested business
    > interests, and thus (consciously or not) want Debian to look
    > "professional" (whatever that is))
    > Debian *is* a hacker community, at least from my POV.

    But that does not mean it should represent itself that way. Sure, there is
    no company named Debian, but why not looking more professional?

    > [1] Okay, maybe some expos, like Linux@Work, are special... but only

    Why? This year in Frankfurt there was no Debian booth at Linux@Work. And
    frankly I think this was good so since the whole exhibition was a joke.


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