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Date: Wed Jun 20 2001 - 02:29:10 CEST

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    >>>>> "Christian" == Christian Kurz <> writes:


        Christian> This way the booth would have a professional look to
        Christian> impress and convince people about debian, instead of
        Christian> giving the impression of hacker meeting.

    This brings up the questions we should *really* be asking ourselves,
    regarding *any* Debian expo presence[1]:

      What do we want the image of Debian to be?


      What *is* the image people have of Debian?

      What do people *expect* when they come to our booth?

    I for one would think that "hacker meeting" is a lot closer to the
    truth than "professional look".

    Debian is *not* a company (even if some people have vested business
    interests, and thus (consciously or not) want Debian to look
    "professional" (whatever that is))

    Debian *is* a hacker community, at least from my POV.

    I do *not* want to portray Debian as some kind of "professional"
    company, because it isn't.

    I wanted to say that for some time now. Thanks for letting me get
    this off my chest...

    Bye, J

    [1] Okay, maybe some expos, like Linux@Work, are special... but only

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