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From: Christian Kurz (
Date: Mon Jun 18 2001 - 22:34:31 CEST

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    On 01-06-17 Martin Schulze wrote:
    > I'm quite frustrated about the non-existant booth planning for
    > LinuxTag.

    Well, since I wasn't sure if I find some time to come to the LinuxTag, I
    haven't done any kind of planning. Since I know currently for sure, that
    I will have some time on Saturday and maybe even on Friday or Sunday, I
    would like to add some comments.

    > Nobody stepped forward to think about how the booth should look like.

    We should keep in mind that the booht should not be overcrowded with
    debian developers like it happened last year. I'm don't know the exact
    size of the booth itself this year, but if it's again the about the same
    size as last year, there should not be more then 4-6 people at the booth
    at one time, otherwise visitors could be appaled.

    Also the two tables
    that have been last year at the left side of the booth didn't look very
    professional. I would suggest having only table on the left, where we
    present some CD's and Debian Flyers. It should be high enough that you
    can easily grab one of the CD's or Flyers while walking past it.

    The table on the right side with the computer, was great for showing a
    running debian and visitors could stand around you. The only
    disadvantage was that on the right side, there was not much space left
    for visitors. So I would suggest moving this table a bit more to the
    right, so that one person can sit in front of the computer and
    demonstrate some things while visitors can stand around and look over
    his shoulder.

    I think having two more tables in the back of the booth with some chairs
    to sit down, would also be nice, so that you can discuss with some
    visitors details or show special applications or stuff to them.

    I think the big penguin is not really needed and didn't fit to this
    booth, so we shouldn't add it again. The posters have been a nice idea
    and we should have again some posters like this.

    So if I try to create some ascii art (trying to) document(ing) my notes
    from above, it would like this:

    Booth pictures:

      | _____ ______ |
      | | 2 | | 3 | |
      x |____| |_____| x
      x x
      x ____ _____ x
      | | 1 | | 4 | |
      | |____| |_____| |
      | |

    x: Position for a poster related to debian
    1: Table for the flyers and CD's for the vistiors
    2+3: Tables with chairs and a computer where you can talk with visitors and
         show them specialised stuff
    4: Table with a computer for showing some applications to impress the

    Then we should need always one person at the computer to run some nice
    applications and do some stuff. One person close to the flyers and CD's
    for answering questions and one two or at a maxium three people who
    stand around and inside the booth for questions and showing some stuff
    to people.

    This way the booth would have a professional look to impress and
    convince people about debian, instead of giving the impression of hacker
    meating. Please take this as just some suggestion on comments from me
    (who will maybe be half of the time there) and feel free to use some of
    my ideas or ignore them.


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